Let Others Come to Their Own Conclusions

By: Mae Eula

May 19, 2022

You can share ideas and let others come to their own conclusions. When you talk to someone or share with an audience do not jump to conclusions for them. Lay them with all the facts and necessary information and let them come up with their own conclusions.  With the advent of technology, social media and […]

How To Extend Help?

By: Mae Eula

May 12, 2022

Ever wonder if you have extended the proper help to a friend in need. Remember that your job is to share, not save them. It is really hard to stand by when someone you care about is going through a difficult time. Extending help in this situation would not be easy.  It is important to […]

Why Visions Should Be Big?

By: Mae Eula

May 5, 2022

Visions should be big, otherwise, it’s just a project. Vision is the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom. When vision is applied to the future it can create the big picture. These big pictures will direct your actions. The vision will serve as a guide. It can also be […]

Re-entry Takes Time

By: Mae Eula

April 28, 2022

This generation tends to be more exhausted than those previous generations. Time seems to tick too fast and often invalidates people’s right to slow down. Our advanced technology gives us the mindset to always strive to be ahead which leads us to work the hardest. And this, however, results in more stress and compromised health. […]

To Build Discipline; Plan Your Day The Night Before

By: Mae Eula

April 21, 2022

In order to build discipline, you need to plan your day the night before. Building discipline is not a piece of cake but it can be done. You have to practice the PTT or the “Plan Tomorrow, Today”. Planning is the key to success in everything you do. If you want to be more productive […]

Sight Shows You Where You Are. Vision Shows You Where You Should Go.

By: Mae Eula

April 14, 2022

It is easy to describe something that can be seen with our sight. If you show someone a red bag, you may tell them that the color is red without saying anything further. It is difficult to dispute when the evidence is obvious. However, how can you explain something to someone when the only proof […]

Know Your Role During A “Code Blue”

By: Mae Eula

April 7, 2022

It is important to know your role during a code blue situation. ‌ The term “code blue” is a hospital emergency code used to describe the critical status of a patient. Code blue will be called by hospital staff if a patient goes into cardiac arrest, has respiratory issues, or experiences other medical emergencies. Typically, […]

Why Failure Is Not Necessary To Succeed

By: Mae Eula

March 31, 2022

Failure is such a wonderful teacher. Every time you fail, it will give you two choices: to stay down or to get up. It is not actually your failure that defines you, but it is what you do after you fail. Don’t look at failing as the end of your dream but as an opportunity […]

How to Trust and Use Your Instinct

By: Mae Eula

March 24, 2022

We seek knowledge from school as well as our own experiences. This serves as the foundation for how we solve problems. Also, making reasonable judgments based on the knowledge we have learned maybe the safest way to go about things. However, will you be confident enough in trusting your instinct? Trust your natural knowledge  Instinct […]

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