Success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. The question now is, how do we attain it or how do we increase our likelihood to succeed. Let me tell you some simple steps to increase the likelihood of success by 77%. The steps are to write it down, tell a friend and plan to take action.

Writing Down Your Goals

According to a study conducted at Dominican University in California, writing down your goals increases your chance of achieving them by 42%. The act of writing your goals forces you to have a crystal clear picture of what it is that you want to accomplish. It also plays a part in motivating yourself to complete the actions necessary for success. Putting them into paper will compel you to do some strategic planning on your next course of action to tackle your goals.

Tell A Friend About Your Goals

There is power in sharing your goals. It is an important success principle. When you share your goals you gain clarity. When speaking about it you obtain more clearness of what it is that you really want and hone it. Sharing it to a special person in your life after writing it down makes it more real. You can be more accountable for the goals you set because this person will somehow follow-up on your progress. If you don’t want to be embarrassed by your answers to their questions related to your goals you will be more motivated to take action and stay on track. 

Plan To Take Action

The universe will reward you for your actions not thought. This is the final step of the three steps to increase your likelihood of success by 77%. Taking action is the most important step because it will determine your success in attaining your goals. It separates the successful and the winner from the non-winner or the normal everyday people. 

You’ve written your goals, shared it with a special person, so what are you waiting for? Do it. Get started. Take those necessary steps and achieve those goals. 

There are tools that will help you in writing those goals and achieving them. Grab the LP Planner and start planning your way to success.

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