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Episode 0012: Eric Naaman - Damotech

Welcome to Episode 12 of Best People: Best Place with Matt Granados! In this episode we speak with Eric Naaman, CEO of Damotech – a manufacturing company that provides warehouse rack safety solutions located outside of Montreal. Eric is a seasoned entrepreneur with an atypical background and a passion for servant leadership. He has led the company to much succes such as being listed in the “growth 500” and the “top 400 fastest growing companies” of the Globe and Mail for the last 4 years. Also in 2021, Damotech was voted “Company of the Year ” by the region’s Chamber of Commerce.

Eric thinks of himself as a CPO as opposed to CEO. The letter P stands for purpose, people and profit. Eric’s reason for being an entrepreneur is to inspire self-achievement through an exceptional work experience and this approach has been a cornerstone of his entrepreneurial journey. 

Listen to this episode to hear more about what Eric does to make his workplace a BEST place to work + why all of his employees love to work there! To find out more about Damotech and what they offer, visit! 

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Episode 011: Kimberly Moos - Cotton Cuts

Welcome to Episode 11 of Best People: Best Place with Matt Granados! In this episode we speak with Kimberly Moos, CEO of Cotton Cuts. Cotton Cuts is an online provider of premium, precut textiles for the maker community – collecting customer preferences and delivering a product that matches their unique quilting style as well as fabrics in their favorite color combinations on a monthly recurring basis.  

Kim Moos (pronounced like the hair care product and animal, but spelled like neither) is an online provider of premium, precut fabric for quilters. She  has over 15 years of experience in the medical device and pharmaceutical world, holding roles of increasing responsibility in R&D, Business Development, Project Management, culminating as the Chief of Staff to the President and CEO at Mallinckrodt.  Cotton Cuts started over 5 years ago as a side project for Kim when she became bored with her corporate job.  Watching YouTube videos, she taught herself how to use Facebook, Instagram and everything about the subscription business model.  Today, Cotton Cuts has over 4,000 monthly members in over 15 countries. Kim has a degree in Biomedical Engineering from Tulane University and a MBA from Boston University.  She is the proud mother of two boys, Lincoln and Dominic, and calls St. Louis home.

Listen in to this episode to hear more about what Kim does to make her workplace a BEST place to work + why all of her employees love to work there! To find out more about Cotton Cuts, visit

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Episode 0010: Taylor Barnes - CentricsIT

Welcome to Episode 10 of Best People: Best Place with Matt Granados! This week we have a special guest, Taylor Barnes! Taylor is the Senior Vice President of Global Business Solutions and a founding partner at CentricsIT. Barnes co-founded CentricsIT in 2007 and has since helped the organization become one of the fastest-growing companies in Georgia and one of the top IT Solution Providers in North America. He currently manages global business solutions for the organization, responsible for charting and maintaining an aggressive revenue growth plan. CentricsIT services revenue has grown by 400% since Barnes assumed sales leadership responsibility over the segment in 2014. Barnes was in his early twenties when he formed CentricsIT with his partners. Barnes’s company, CentricsIT, delivers project managed field services in over 100 countries. 

Barnes is a road warrior, frequently traveling around the world to further develop the company’s business worldwide. He is known among the global IT community for his gregarious personality and the indomitable nature of his positive attitude. An eternal student, Barnes commits himself deeply to his faith and his personal development.

Taylor also has sales management and coaching business called The Sales Machine. This organization helps companies boost top line revenue by increasing productivity and decreasing employee turnover. The Sales Machine is a 9 step system that Taylor installs at organizations, for sales leaders to leverage in order get the most possible upside out of themselves, and their teams.

Listen in this week to Taylor’s knowledge and just how he has created such an incredible place to work! 

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Episode 009: Erin Scannell - Heritage Welath Advisors

Welcome to Episode 9 of Best People: Best Place with Matt Granados! Today’s guest, Erin Scannell is a Private Wealth Advisor and Chief Executive Officer of Heritage Wealth Advisors, a private wealth advisory practice at Ameriprise Financial. Erin and his team deliver comprehensive financial planning and wealth management strategies in the areas of estate and tax planning, passive income streams, investments, real estate, trusts, and charitable giving. With over 20 years of industry experience, Erin has repeatedly been honored and recognized by major industry publications. In addition to his financial services career, Erin is also passionate in helping out in the community – providing mentorship to the Big Brothers program and helping underprivileged youth. 

Listen in as Erin talks about what has helped him in cultivating a great work environment for Heritage Wealth Advisors and why the people that work there love it so much!

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Episode 008: Kara Brown - Lead Coverage

Welcome to Episode 8 of Best People: Best Place with Matt Granados! In this episode we speak with Kara Smith Brown, Chief Revenue Officer of LeadCoverage. LeadCoverage is a premier B2B marketing and PR agency that helps companies develop, or boost, lead generation through targeted marketing strategies and media coverage that drives inbound conversions and measurable marketing ROI. The supply chain and heavy industrial-focused business was started by two industry experts, Kara Brown and Will Haraway. More specifically, LeadCoverage provides lead gen services including marketing and sales alignment, perfecting tech stacks, social and email conversion, SEO and PPC, and sales accountability.
  Listen in to this episode to hear more about what Kara does to make her workplace a BEST place to work + why all of her employees love to work there!   For more information on what Kara does, please visit

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Episode 007: Mark Towler - Phase 2

Welcome to Episode 7 of Best People: Best Place w/ Matt Granados! Meet Mark Towler, the Founder & Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Phase 2. His personal philosophy is reflected in our “why” – to have a positive impact on the individuals we interact with: customers, co-workers and the community at large. 

Mark has worked in the software industry since the late 80s in various parts of the country: from Texas to Northern California and now Oklahoma. His signature accomplishment at Phase 2 is creating a culture that attracts and retains an elite group of individuals that create and deliver company-changing software products.

He is a North Carolina native and a graduate of Appalachian State University. Mark is the proud parent of three children, a daughter-in-law and one grandson – the product of 34 years of marriage to his late wife, Lisa. 

Active in leadership roles in many civic organizations in the Oklahoma City area for more than 25 years, Mark is a graduate of Leadership Oklahoma City and Leadership Oklahoma. In 2016, he co-led a group of cyclists on a cross-country bike tour from California to Virginia to raise funds for YoungLife. His hobbies include golf, exercise, reading, and learning improvisational comedy.

Listen in as Mark talks about his success in building and cultivating the culture of one of the BEST places to work! 

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Episode 006: Richard Godfrey - Rocketmakers

Welcome to Episode 6 of Best People: Best Place with Matt Granados! Today we have Richard Godfrey with us – An experienced and trusted CTO, software architect, investor, entrepreneur and innovator! He has a demonstrated history of delivering major systems via Rocketmakers, Microsoft and Deloitte over the last 30 years. He is predominately focused on helping innovative start-ups, scale-ups and corporates of all shapes and sizes deliver disruptive and engaging customer experiences through the application of new technology.

Listen in as Richard gives insight to how you can grow one of the BEST places to work!

To learn more, visit or email Richard at

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Episode 005: David Jacowitz- Evolution Financial Group

Welcome to Episode 5 of Best People: Best Place w/ Matt Granados! Our guest today – David Jacowitz, has almost 20 years of experience in the financial industry and is passionate about helping individuals, families and business owners achieve financial success. As President of Evolution Financial Group, he is focused on the development of the sales team, including the recruitment, training and the supervision of producers.

David resides in the Fishtown section of Philadelphia, where he enjoys time playing baseball with his son, Ari, and also plays in the Greater Philadelphia Men’s Adult Baseball League.

David Jacowitz is a Registered Representative and Investment Adviser Representative of Equity Services, Inc. David is licensed to sell securities in PA, NY, NJ, DE. He is also insurance-licensed in PA, NY, NJ, DE.

Listen in to learn how David has played a part in cultivating an incredible environment for his employees!

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Episode 004: Craig Goldenfarb - Law Offices of Craig Goldenfarb

Welcome to Episode 4 of Best People: Best Place w/ Matt Granados! Our guest, Craig Goldenfarb founded the Law Offices of Craig Goldenfarb, P.A. and manages the daily operations of the many departments of the law firm.

While Mr. Goldenfarb is primarily occupied with building the teams that directly manage client cases, he is devoted to serving the legal needs or “Critical Case” clients. Mr. Goldenfarb directly handles pre-suit and litigation matters that involve significant loss, such as catastrophic injury cases, nursing home abuse, wrongful death, negligent security, and heart attacks in public places (AED law).

Listen in as Craig shares with us how he started one of the BEST places to work and how the people in it have grown in incredible ways! 

To learn more, visit www.goldlaw and

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Episode 003: Jonathan Léveillé - Openmind Technologies

Welcome to Episode 3 of Best People: Best Place w/ Matt Granados! Our guest today is Jonathan Léveillé, the Founder and President of OpenMind Technologies Inc – an award winning company that is on a mission to make a difference in people’s lives by shaping the technological future of businesses.

Their company resides in Canada, where they are proud to be known as the fastest growing and top award-winning technology company year after year.

Listen in as Jonathan talks about the growth of the business as well as how each member of the team plays a role of great importance in the success and results of the organization, management relies on an inclusive management style!  

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Episode 002: Fran Biderman-Gross : Advantages

Welcome to Episode 2 of Best People: Best Place with Matt Granados! Meet Fran Biderman-Gross, the Founder and CEO of Advantages, an award-winning branding and marketing agency. The Advantages team leads clients on a journey of brand discovery that reveals personal and organizational 3 keys: Purpose, Values, and Story.

Advantages is a paradigm for the 3 keys; shared values are infused into every action with clients and every project is an opportunity to demonstrate how to bring Purpose into marketing, branding, leadership, and culture. The results of working with Advantages are revealed in increased market share, improved client and employee retention, and overall revenue growth.

Fran is also the host of the podcast ‘Drive Profit With Purpose’ , and is the co-author of How to Lead A Values-Based Professional Services Firm: 3 Keys to Unlock Purpose and Profit published by Wiley.

Listen in as Fran shares the ways she has built up her business and overtime created an incredible work environment that employees can grow in! 

To learn more, visit and

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Episode 001: Austin Cohen - Corrective Chiropractic

Welcome to Episode 1 of Best People: Best Place with Matt Granados! Meet Dr. Austin Cohen – an entrepreneur and successful business-owner who lives in Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. Austin Cohen started Corrective Chiropractic in 2009 and has grown it to be one of the best places to work + one of the fastest-growing companies in the United States. As time has passed, Dr. Austin’s goals and visions have changed…wanting to create and make an impact in this world in a bigger way. In 2015, they expanded and built their second location. Now, they are at 12 locations. 

Austin Cohen has a different approach than most Chiropractors, focusing on adopting healthy behaviors all around. Cohen’s goal for his company to strive for overall health led them to ranking #1 Healthiest Employer in the Small Company Category in 2021. 

Listen in as Austin shares the ways he has built up his business and overtime created an incredible work environment that employees can grow in! 


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Latest News for Podcast…

We are in the middle of recording a new season of BPBP and are excited to introduce to you some interviews we have been doing with very amazing companies!

We are allowing eager listeners to join our list to get access to the first season which will include audio highlights released as a podcast full-length video, along with in-depth show notes. 

To the right is an impromptu interview we did with one of our favorite clients who was ranked in Austin TX as the #1 best place to work. Upon completing this interview, we were asked to look into other “best places to work” -hence the podcast.

What Is This All About?

If you have been paying any attention to business trends and strategy, they all try to do the same thing: Grow The Business. No matter how it’s done, it has always been about how we as companies can get our staff to do more of what is needed at a faster pace with higher efficiency and less mistakes.

It seems that throughout the years, the attempts and strategies around the growing company have changed. However, the one thing that has stayed constant is that all companies want their people to do better.

We have found the solution. When I say “We have found the solution,” I mean that literally. 

This solution will not be found in a book but instead in the workplace!

What Is Special About this Podcast?

The overwhelming majority of Great Places to Work do similar things to one another. They have processes, clear vision, foundational structure, and they invest in their people.

These are all things that we know we should do, but as we always teach at Life Pulse Inc, “How” you can do and “What” you should do are two separate things. 

Over the years, our team at Life Pulse has interviewed Great Workplaces and Great Managers to ask them what they do that makes them special.  These conversations have been saved for just our clients but now we are recording these conversations and sharing them with the public!

Each episode is going to dive into the special 5% of each company that separates them from the rest.  You will hear things you could never read in a book as well as things you can take to be a better manager, business owner, or employee based on what it takes to build the “Best Place” to work. 

Who are the guests and why are they telling their secrets?

Once you recognize the value of investing in your people and how that leads to the growth of your business, you will understand why these people are willing to share what they do. 

They have developed an amazing way to grow their business through investing in their teams.  Financially, yes! But also in the individual development aspect, to ensure their team lives the life they want!

These companies are seen as experts in their field and when we interview them, it gives them a strong platform to share what they do. Both their future employees and clients see who they are and where their values lie. 

A “Great Place” to work is something both future team members and clients desire. This being said, we encourage all people, if they are doing things right and taking care of their people in order to create a great place to work, to share this podcast and utilize all that is told on it. 

Who should listen?

We have seen a broad range of individuals interested in how to create a great place to work and how to develop great people to work with you.  

Listeners range from CEO’s of large companies to individual employees who can take advantage of what they hear and implement this in their workplace going forward.

All of our clients and their staff get access to the episode they are apart of – and can use all marketing we create for them on their social media platforms. 

If you want to learn more of the secrets on how you can take care of people better and make your overall environment better, then this podcast is for you.  For-profit, Non-profit, community organization, any group outside of this list, can hear more on how to increase employees or volunteers ability to grow alongside your mission being reached each and every day.

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