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Latest News for Podcast…

We are in the middle of recording a new season of BPBP and are excited to introduce to you some interviews we have been doing with very amazing companies!

We are allowing eager listeners to join our list to get access to the first season which will include audio highlights released as a podcast full-length video, along with in-depth show notes. 

To the right is an impromptu interview we did with one of our favorite clients who was ranked in Austin TX as the #1 best place to work. Upon completing this interview, we were asked to look into other “best places to work” -hence the podcast.

What Is This All About?

If you have been paying any attention to business trends and strategy, they all try to do the same thing: Grow The Business. No matter how it’s done, it has always been about how we as companies can get our staff to do more of what is needed at a faster pace with higher efficiency and less mistakes.

It seems that throughout the years, the attempts and strategies around the growing company have changed. However, the one thing that has stayed constant is that all companies want their people to do better.

We have found the solution. When I say “We have found the solution,” I mean that literally. 

This solution will not be found in a book but instead in the workplace!

What Is Special About this Podcast?

The overwhelming majority of Great Places to Work do similar things to one another. They have processes, clear vision, foundational structure, and they invest in their people.

These are all things that we know we should do, but as we always teach at Life Pulse Inc, “How” you can do and “What” you should do are two separate things. 

Over the years, our team at Life Pulse has interviewed Great Workplaces and Great Managers to ask them what they do that makes them special.  These conversations have been saved for just our clients but now we are recording these conversations and sharing them with the public!

Each episode is going to dive into the special 5% of each company that separates them from the rest.  You will hear things you could never read in a book as well as things you can take to be a better manager, business owner, or employee based on what it takes to build the “Best Place” to work. 

Who are the guests and why are they telling their secrets?

Once you recognize the value of investing in your people and how that leads to the growth of your business, you will understand why these people are willing to share what they do. 

They have developed an amazing way to grow their business through investing in their teams.  Financially, yes! But also in the individual development aspect, to ensure their team lives the life they want!

These companies are seen as experts in their field and when we interview them, it gives them a strong platform to share what they do. Both their future employees and clients see who they are and where their values lie. 

A “Great Place” to work is something both future team members and clients desire. This being said, we encourage all people, if they are doing things right and taking care of their people in order to create a great place to work, to share this podcast and utilize all that is told on it. 

Who should listen?

We have seen a broad range of individuals interested in how to create a great place to work and how to develop great people to work with you.  

Listeners range from CEO’s of large companies to individual employees who can take advantage of what they hear and implement this in their workplace going forward.

All of our clients and their staff get access to the episode they are apart of – and can use all marketing we create for them on their social media platforms. 

If you want to learn more of the secrets on how you can take care of people better and make your overall environment better, then this podcast is for you.  For-profit, Non-profit, community organization, any group outside of this list, can hear more on how to increase employees or volunteers ability to grow alongside your mission being reached each and every day.

Coming Soon to Your Favorite Podcast Platforms