Case Studies

The Impact and Results You Can Expect For Your Teams

Christy Pretzinger, President and CEO of Writer Girl and Associates was convinced to use our blue book or the LP planner not only for herself but for the entire organization.
Her favorite part was that it encourages all aspects of life.

Shantel Khleif, Co-founder and CEO of Imagine Media experienced a complete change in the course of their business after having been through our TYT program. Their business has grown to $750,000 in revenue after putting into practice what was taught in our TYT program.

Tyler Peabody, an expert dog trainer and the owner of Doggy Dorm. Shares how she got the biggest thing which is the concept of motivating the unmotivated. She is also very excited to implement all of our teachings in all aspects of life.

Tony Ramos, Director at East Austin Athletic Club was excited to continue with the program and see how he can grow his personal and professional life and become a better person all around.

David Thanairongroj, a Restaurateur from San Antonio, Texas finds LP phenomenal. What makes LP better than others is that it actually lets you know a couple of steps that will take you further. There are planning and execution. He plans to implement the LP system in his team to help them become better.

Olivia Ball, Social Media Coordinator for Imagine Media recommends LP planner to millennials to be able to get organized. She even gets an extra 2-3 hours per day.

Tomas Martinez III, Owner of Luxury Home Magazine San Antonio and Luxury Home Magazine Austin, doesn’t think that he has seen anything that comes remotely close to helping entrepreneurs really prioritize their week, their actions and to really know what tasks are important. He is excited to see the impacts of LP not only on himself and his wife but also to his employees.

Scott McKnight, VP of Operations for FrontLine found LP intriguingly different in the forms of managing people and truly knowing what motivates people. He loves how Matt was able to break things down with personal traits and how to organize appropriately.

Dr. Austin Cohen, Chiropractor and Founder of Corrective Chiropractic values the LPs TYT program over $100k. His business has accelerated its growth by 50%.

Ann Dolin, the President of Educational Connections and the learning chair of Washington, DC EO Chapter finds the LP planner very fantastic. Being an avid fan of planners, she feels that now, for the first time in a long time she had a plan. She is very excited to start her week after being able to lay out her plans on the planner.

Dr. Josh Buck, Chiropractor at Corrective Chiropractic finds the LP as the first system that actually worked. According to him, with the LP everything was more organized. He was able to do things more efficiently professionally and personally. Most of all he was able to find more time during the week to have more fun.

Find out how Dr. Eric Bayliss has been able to see a direct correlation between using LP planner and his profits. When he was doing the LP his business constantly grew but then life happened and he forgot about it and he observes that his revenue dropped down to 40%. He returned to use the LP regularly was able to get back on track with his business

Renee Rouleau, CEO and President of Renee Rouleau Skin Care said that LP TYT has been a great program. It allowed her to take all her intentions and really put them into action. She is really grateful that the program came at the time she needed it the most.

Ron Sitrin uses the LP system to maximize his impact on the real estate market. Taking his 15 Year Plan and mapping it out so he knows exactly what he needs to do now in order to get to where he wants to be in the future.

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