Nobody is perfect, yet we aim for perfection. Each one of us sets goals for ourselves and wants success in whatever endeavor. Achieving success is not easy, all the more if you are striving for perfection in everything you do. It is not important to perfect every step, as long as you are progressing towards your goal. Focus on the progress made not perfection.

Some strategies to help you focus on progress, not perfection.
  1. Take small steps. Take baby steps towards your goals. Do it regularly. Failure is inevitable but you can learn and try again. Consistency is the key. Small steps, gradually and consistently until you get there.
  2. Plan ahead. There are things that are out of our control. Life happens. You have to be ready for these circumstances by planning ahead. Anticipate the worst scenarios and think of how to go about things to keep moving forward.
  3. Manage Self-doubt. When we are going out of our comfort zones we tend to question our decisions and doubt ourselves. Especially if we hit a bump in the road. This is normal because we are not perfect. This is an indication that we are progressing. Just go on and keep moving forward.
  4. Cultivate patience. Really, patience is a virtue. You can’t achieve success overnight. You have to patiently work for it and achieve it. There is no greater satisfaction in achieving something you patiently worked for. 

We are human and imperfect and it is okay. Just keep on moving forward. Learn and try again. Live your life intentionally and continue to strive to be a better version of yourself. Let us continue to make progress in making this a better place to live in.

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