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Others Experiences With These Result Producing Solutions

Dr. Kofi Smith, Former President  and CEO of Atlanta Airlines Terminal Company finds the LP planner the right tool that comes into his life at the right time. He was able to finish his doctoral degree whilst maintaining to make the busiest terminal company thrive, be a supportive husband and a loving father.

Sha Barnette, Atlanta’s top Massage Therapist, finds LP to be priceless. It helps her not to feel overwhelmed and increase her productivity by 50%

Dr. Austin Cohen, Chiropractor and Founder of Corrective Chiropractic values the LPs TYT program over $100k. His business has accelerated its growth by 50%.

Tomas Martinez III is one of the top CEO’s and Leadership experts in San Antonio. After sitting through one of our programs he decided to not only bring our team in for his business but for an entire event in San Antonio of top producers. See how he used the LP to manage his life, his business, and his family.

Kasey Kiser of Imagine Media describes how LP really works for her. LP does not only hold you accountable but also presents you with a format that makes you actually reach your goal rather than just actually write them down.

Jeff Fiore is a warehouse associate with Renee Roloue Skin Care who’s excited to implement what he learned with Life Pulse in both his personal and professional life. It’s great to see the gratitude seen by employees towards their managers after attending our programs.

Chris Chambers is a high performing student paying his way through school while hitting near perfect grades and helping run one of the largest tutoring companies in his city. To date, Chris has been using the LP for years and has seen results not only in his professional life but also in his personal life. The program works from Top CEO’s to Students just about to jump into the real world!

Judy Balloff is a Top producer at New York Life. Being in one of the most intense and demanding job of insurance sales she has now a system that will allow her to do what needs to be done in her job while still having a great relationship with her husband and kids.

Alex Boyar is getting back into the game after a great exit of his company. As he is launching his new company, he feels like he is flailing but now that he uses our system to “survive in the wild,” he is now grounded and knows exactly where he needs to go next.

Promod Raheja is the President of the EO DC chapter and he explains about how each attended who was introduced to the LP program are able to instantly implement the techniques taught through our workshop. Easy leads to constant use and constant use leads to desired results!

Hear how Jamie uses the teachings and techniques of Life Pulse to better manager her tasks as a project manager. As one of the busiest people in the room, Jamie was able to narrow her focus and take on all she needs throughout her busy day.

Tracy Atkinson is an asset manager of the worlds business airport. She is constantly going from meeting to meeting and uses the LP to get the most out of every moment in the day. The best thing when using this system for your whole life,m is the ability to fill any available time with simple tasks. This strategy has allowed Tracy to do her job and live her life.

Olivia Ball has used her LP to get an extra 10-15 hours a day of productivity.

Tony is always working on bettering himself and shared a little bit of what he got out of this life-changing Life Pulse program.

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