Case Study: Results from 90 Day Goal Rush Client

Position: Senior Account Manager

Prior to 90 Day Goal Rush: Each quarter, this manager’s team was producing around $300K in revenue with 20% profit.

After 90 Day Goal Rush: Without adding any more resources, just using LP content, this same team was able to grow to over $600K the next quarter with 20%+ in profit. (Over $1M in Growth)

Proof That This Works

Achieve any goal participant desires and is willing to progress towards.

With the ever-changing world, we need to take on life the same way the old adage says we eat an elephant…one bite at a time.  We are tricked into being impatient when we experience me and time again that success takes time.  Time is needed so we can take the proper actions to progress towards the goal we are searching for.

Ensures participants achieve goals through small calculated steps.

Each participant has designated Client Success Manager and Coach​

This program will keep every participant on track to achieve what they need in order to live the life they want to live.  We have found that individuals are not failing at goals due to ability but due to follow through.  We keep each participant accountable throughout every process of the program.

Participants experience personal professional goals through coaching

Luck is a short term event.
Success is an ongoing journey

We will hit goals along the way but we are trying to get more out of life than a couple cool trophies.  Instead, we want a life lived well.  A fulfilled life. A successful life.  We do this by making sure all 4 Vital Signs of Fulfillment are addressed properly so Participants are not unknowingly and unnecessarily sacrificing one part of their life to achieve what they think they want now just to have regrets later

Deliverables of the 90 Day Goal Rush

At the end of the 90 days, participant can expect the following:

    • Increased awareness of connection between personal purpose and work for Participants
    • Increased intentionality and productivity for Participants
    • Increased engagement in the workplace for Participants
    • Increased Achievement Rate with decreased Burnout Rate.
    • Increased  adaptability and nimbleness through challenges.

Process of the 90 Day Goal Rush

Each client gives info as Life Pulse does the work to create the plan as follows:

  • Clarify program objectives with Client and selected manager via phone.
  • Participant will take Pre-Coaching Questionnaire.
  • Participant will take Motivation Catalyst Assessment.
  • 60-90 Minute call to work with Participant and discover what goals they are looking to achieve in the next 90 days to help them get where they want to be in the future. (Our systems can go as short as this quarter or as long as 15 years)
  • LPI will take that conversation and create a written 90 Day Plan with Participants Motivation Catalyst, any comments from our conversation, and 4-6 goals they are looking to achieve in all areas of their life (3- Professional, 1-Internal, 1-Physical, and 1-Relational goal).  Each goal will be broken down and formatted as followed:
    • Desired Result Goal
    • Benchmark of where they are right now
    • Monthly Tasks, that they agree if done, will achieve the goal.
    • Weekly Tasks, that they agree if done, will achieve the goal.
    • Push Tasks that they agree if done, will achieve the goal.
  • LPI will Visually show the true time needed to be dedicated to desired goals.
  • Participants will be coached on weekly use of LP planned to ensure Participant is taking action steps weekly
  • Participants will receive weekly check ins by LPI.
  • Participants will receive Monthly Review and Refine Coaching Calls.
  • LPI will help Participants complete a quarterly summary of what was achieved and what needs to be achieved next quarter.

“I would describe this program as multi-layered with a scope that encompasses of course, the main objective – management of one’s self, but it also forces the individual to zoom out and plan generally way ahead. It even forces me to do some attitudinal planning (as I would call it). 

They emphasize pre-planning weekly/daily so when I am “in the daily struggle”, execution can happen without wasting energy on planning and organization.

It worked like nothing I have been a part of before and I will self-implement this from here on out.

— Rod Thomas - Miller Electic Company

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