Plans are nothing, Planning is everything

By: Matt

June 25, 2020

The plan itself means nothing as compared to the act of planning which has more value than just your plan going correctly. Plans are nothing; planning is everything is a famous phrase from Dwight E. Eisenhower, a former US President, and an army general.   In planning, it gives you the ability to think through things. […]

Focus on the Target to Persevere

By: Matt

June 18, 2020

  Most people have trouble starting. They always ask how to get started or which way is a success. When you focus on the target, the path tends to reveal itself. You need to focus on the target to persevere. All things come to those who persistently go after them. Think about the target way […]

Focus on your goal to achieve results

By: Matt

June 11, 2020

Oftentimes, we were asked what is our life’s goal or what do you want to achieve in your life. But how does someone achieve one’s goal? You need to have a clear focus on that goal to achieve the desired results. Focus by definition is a state or quality of having or producing clear visual […]

Multi-tasking versus single-tasking

By: Matt

June 4, 2020

Multi-tasking versus single-tasking You cannot multitask; you can only do a partial task. You do a lot of tasks at the same time that you think you are multitasking but the truth is you are rapidly changing from task to another. Multitasking has become the norm. Single-tasking, on the other hand, is the process of […]

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