How Time Chunking Can Help You Get More Done?

By: Mae Eula

October 13, 2022

In this blog, we will discuss how time chunking can help you get more done. Time chunking is the act of blocking off large chunks of time for one task instead of bouncing between different, smaller tasks. This idea of time-chunking comes from an experiment conducted by a group of psychologists. Time chunking does what […]

How to Achieve Better Sleep

By: Mae Eula

October 6, 2022

Sleep is an essential function and it is also important to achieve better sleep. When we are sleeping we are allowing our body and mind to recharge. Healthy sleep also helps the body remain healthy and stave off diseases. Without enough sleep, the brain cannot function properly. Why is it important to achieve better sleep? […]

How to Find Your Path in Life?

By: Mae Eula

September 29, 2022

It is important to know where you’re going, to find your path in life. When you are able to figure out this path the vehicle doesn’t matter. Finding your path is not a walk in the park for sure. You have to face several obstacles in order to find them and fully embrace it. Fear […]

What are the Benefits of Using Physical Products in a Digital World?

By: Mae Eula

September 21, 2022

Using physical products has a lot of benefits even in a digital world. Having a planner, a physical product has advantages in this digital world. A planner is a tool that allows you to schedule each event, appointment, errand, and task so that you know what to expect and don’t run out of time. In […]

How to Ensure that You Will Accomplish Your Plan

By: Mae Eula

September 15, 2022

Planning is good but ensuring to accomplish what you plan is better. Why is it important to accomplish your plan? It’s important to accomplish your goal because it is the reason why you do the planning. We need planning to help us achieve our goals and allow more efficient use of time and other resources. […]

How Time Fillers Help in Your Productivity?

By: Mae Eula

September 8, 2022

Did you know that allotting time fillers in your daily schedule will help your overall productivity? Time management is life management as well. We need to realize that the more we take control of our time, the more we are taking control of our lives. One of the best practices in time management is having […]

How Accomplishment and Acknowledgment Will Raise The Bar

By: Mae Eula

September 1, 2022

Accomplishment and acknowledgment will go a long way and it will surely raise the bar. Celebrating achievement the right way will increase confidence and motivation. It will lead to a happier and more productive team. I a job well done is rarely acknowledged or was being celebrated in a way that feels forced, unfair or […]

How Motivation System Can Either Grow or Put Out The Fire

By: Mae Eula

August 25, 2022

Motivation system is a term that describes one of the management instruments. It consists of purposely chosen motivators that are all connected to each other. These often satisfy the assumptions and the missions of the company or organization and can be achieved by encouraging the employees to certain behaviors and practices. Motivation is defined as […]

Stop Wasting Your Time

By: Mae Eula

August 18, 2022

Time is precious so stop wasting time. Benjamin Franklin once said, “Lost time is never found again” as a way of convincing someone not to wait to take action. Nearly all of us waste time each day. Aside from the obvious culprits—social media, procrastination, commuting, and interruptions. There are tons of other unintentional ways we […]

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