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Grab the plan that will TRANSFORM your productivity in just one short week! In fact, we made it in a quarterly edition so that you could you see how much can get done in only 3 months. We guarantee that you’ll experience increased productivity if you use this entire planner – in fact, we will even refund your purchase completely if you don’t. Just return it to us with every page filled out and we’ll send you your money back. A planner with a guarantee? I don’t know what you’re waiting for!

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Motivate the Unmotivated: A proven system for sustainable motivation

Finally, a book that gives you applicable, implementable techniques for how to boost motivation in all areas of your life—as well as the lives of others.

You know “what” you should do in order to motivate yourself and others. So why don’t you do it?  No one has ever systemized the “How” to what you already know you should do.

To experience consistent results in ourselves and others we need to do one thing: connect actions to outcomes before they are experienced. It’s the value that is recognized when this happens that drives our behaviors and ensures our continued investment in a task or project. Most unmotivated people would never say they are lazy and it turns out most simply lack awareness of the relationship between their actions and their desired ends—and sometimes, they aren’t even sure what it is they value. In order to motivate the unmotivated—whether that’s ourselves, others, or both—we need to strengthen the synapse between actions and outcomes.

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Simple key to build an intentional week today. Do not wait for the life you want in the future and waste the opportunity to build it in the present. Enjoy this #1 International Bestseller today.

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As we grow through life it feels as if life grows on us. The weight of life starts to slow us down and the first thing it does is shorten our vision. As a teen we all had big dreams but as we got older our dreams turn into goals which then dwindle down to just tasks.

This program solves that problem and shows you he to properly dream and achieve whatever it is you want.

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Here is the system that wasn’t supposed to exists that will show you the framework for achieving Whatever You Want.

One day an individual stated they wanted to do $1 Million in sales their first year in business. When Matt was asked how they could do it, Matt developed a quick framework to give to this individual so they could break down the goal into actionable steps.

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What if one idea could transform your relationship? Well, for us, that one idea was a unique spin on a monthly date that causes lots of people to give us weird looks. Check out why our marriage is stronger all because of something crazy that happens on the first Tuesday of every month. This one thing has not only helped us but has saved some of our friends’ marriages from divorce and brought new life back into tired relationships! And of course, this Weeks’s hot debate is pretty tasty. So, come on, let’s see how it works for the relationships you care about.

** Free access to REALationship Podcast Episdoe: The Relationship Saving Date! ***

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A fulfilled life, which we all want, is not based on what you receive at the end but it is what you get during the journey. Most have fallen victim to being told to follow your passions but recognize, your passions are something you choose. Your purpose is something you discover. This exercise is a combination of questions, walkthroughs, a support that will show you exactly how to discover your purpose.

Through the questions given in this exercise, along with our instructions on exactly what you are looking for while you answer the questions, you will find your purpose is narrowed down to as specific as one word to one sentence that will describe your purpose.

Purchase now and you will be invited to a private Facebook group along with a private video walkthrough on how to get the most out of this life-changing exercise.

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Mastering the LP – Online Course

Do you want to maximize your productivity in all areas of your life? Then this is the online course for you. Just like a hammer, there are many ways to use your Official LP tool. But when you learn the full scope of what this tool has to offer, it goes from being “good for something” to “good for everything”. That’s our hope for you with our Mastering the LP course – that you will understand how to apply this tool to every aspect of your life in order to get more of what you want and less of what you don’t want.

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Track Masters

We understand that the goal of any program is to get the results that you want. The philosophy here we follow is if you give someone a fish, you feed them for a day, if you teach someone how to fish, you feed them for a lifetime. Because of that we are going to teach you exactly what to do. When you get access to an LP Track, you will get information from a specific Track Master.

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