Thrive Through Change

Change is Inevitable. Growth is Intentional.

The Great Resignation has triggered a massive epidemic that is sweeping across all industries. Traditional strategies do not work in this "New Way of Operating" and this new approach is needed.

Through a combination of structure & intention, Life Pulse helps clients like you – rise to the challenge, retain your people, and sustainably increase performance regardless of circumstance.

Your battle during this “New Way of Operating” is internal. Your personnel will be the cause of you to effectively thrive, barley survive, or massively fail.

The way your team will think about receiving offers, being poached, and resignation is determined by what you do now.

Burnout is eminent without connecting corporate desired goals & individuals desired lifestyles.

Your competitors will experience similar external issues. It is clear – those who will rise up, are the ones with both internal structure & intention that empowers their team through growth & change. Let our team help your team with this & more!

Our Clients include

What We Do

Develop a customized solution ensuring a positive ROI for your company and employees.


Create a systematic approach to manage motivation and achieve goals in 90 days.


Guiding your employees through 

implementation of our concepts.

Keynote Speaker

Teaching from the stage to engage each audience member through interactive learning.

Renee Rouleau

Renee Rouleau Skin Care

case studies

“Life Pulse has been a great program that has allowed me to take all of my intentions and really put them into action.  I am really grateful that this program came at the time that I really needed it.”


Pramod Raheja

My Staff Now

case studies

“We were looking to have an interactive event and Life Pulse did just that.  People were asking for more at the end of the event and are excited to implement everything that was taught.  This was exactly what we wanted.”


Chris Chao

Centerpoint IT

case studies

“I like how the program goes beyond getting things done and focuses on intentionality combined with balance. It is a simple and effective approach to life balance”

Ellen Woodard

The Juice Studio

case studies

Matt is an excellent speaker – he is engaging, genuine and interesting. Our team really enjoyed the topic, the lessons and the take-aways. It was great for building synergy and helping us see the benefit of knowing more about one another.


Jordan Breck

MRP Capital Group

case studies

“I thought the presentation was very direct and easy to apply to your life immediately. I think it solves a very hard problem to solve.”


Lisa Molnar

Twisted Goods

case studies

I absolutely loved how efficiency and productivity focused this system is. It takes into account the humanness of it’s user and is easy to learn, use, apply, and grow.


Tessa Taylor

MRP Capital Group

case studies

“Life Pulse was simple, easy, and interesting! Some times when something is so easy, it gets looked over. Matt helped to show me how to simplify planning and create a plan of action! I can’t wait to plan out my week! :).”


Elijah Allstrom-Luttrell

Tool Box 9

case studies

“Honestly I’m generally something of a skeptic when it comes to presentations and methods of this nature, but not only was the information very thought provoking, I felt I was immediately able to apply the techniques in my professional and personal life. I picked up an extra planner for my teenage son and plan on going over what I learned with him in the hopes he can apply the knowledge to his school and personal life as well. ”