Wisdom is the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment. A wise person has the ability to use the correct knowledge in the correct way at the right time. Therefore, you need wisdom to become wiser.

Characteristics of a wise person that is worth emulating.
  1. They educate themselves. If they want something, they acquire the necessary information about it. They made a sound decision on the matter after considering all the elements involved in the matter at hand.
  2. Wise men are disciplined. They have control over matters. They weigh the pros and cons before arriving at a decision or making the next move.
  3.  They learn from their mistakes. They admit their mistakes and use those mistakes as learning opportunities. Whenever we fall, we must get up, start again, and keep moving forward.
  4. They are patient. Patience is a virtue. A wise person takes their time before making a decision. Being patient will allow you to weigh your options after considering the pros and cons.   
Virtues of a wise men
  1. Wise people are humble. They acknowledge that they do not know everything and would need others that are expert on specific areas. They listen to what the experts have to say and follow their recommendations.
  2. They are able to handle rejection and failure well. They understand that being rejected sometimes is a part of life and they are able to handle it positively. Consequently, they also acknowledged that they may encounter failure at times and it is part of life.
  3. They recognize that they can only control themselves. Moreover, they do not worry about what others will say about them as long as they are not doing anything bad.
  4. They are guided by wisdom. A wise person has enough wisdom which serves as his compass in dealing with things.

Likewise, becoming wise takes a lot of effort but it can be learned. It starts with having wisdom. We can become wise one week at a time. By using our LP system you can try to reflect on your past weeks and reflect on it and you can pull wisdom out of it. Use this wisdom to become wiser. The wiser we all become, the happier the world will be. 

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