Create a sustainable solution for motivation.

Withstand external factors that may force unexpected change.

Motivation is based on an individual’s desires. These desires are influenced by internal realities and external circumstances. Because of this… motivation has become incredibly difficult to properly manage.  When managed properly, organizations can positively transform instantly with a sustainable trajectory. 


Today’s world is changing faster than ever before. External factors have always influenced motivation but never has society seen change happen at such a rapid speed. The world seems to be working against us and we need to adapt with the change, not wait for the change, and not behind the change. Remember, change is inevitable but growth is intentional.  

Case Study: Results from Motivation Management

Position: CEO

Prior to Motivation Management: New location was opening and CEO was concerned with managers performance on launch.

After Implementing Motivation Management: The CEO’s goal for the year was able to be hit in less then 90 days once the Motivation Management program was implemented. (Over 100 New Clients)

Important to know about motivation

Whatever you use to do is outdated. Whatever you currently do will not work in the future. Whatever is coming next is unknown.

Motivation needs to be as fluid as the ever-changing environments we work and live. It is as different as each person’s DNA. To manage motivation now and into the future, you need a system that can adapt with the change and not adapt because of change.

Custom Programming for Managers

Allow your managers to create sustainable motivation within their teams and their lives.

Our goal of this program is to provide transformational coaching to each Participant that will allow them to motivate everyone on the team, no matter what internal or external factors are present.  

Motivating Others is Simple To Do When Your System Is Built Directly for Your Team​

EACH Participant will be assigned their own Client Success Manager who will focus on that individual directly through weekly follow-ups and personal coaching of our content. Although it can easily stand on its own, our system does not have to replace what already works in your organization. It is sometimes used as an enhancement to any implemented (and successful) structures already in place.

The direct result of this program is as follows:

  • Increased motivation up and down the entire team for Participants and their team.
  • Increased internal motivation for Participants and their team.
  • Increased engagement in the workplace for Participants and their team.
  • Improved generational and team-wide communication for Participants and their team.
  • Increased effectiveness in designated roles for Participants and their team.
  • Increased ability to thrive through change and growth for Participants and their team.

Execution Plan & Deliverables

Quarterly Programing Working Instantly

  • PRIVATE COACHING: LPI will coach designated manager for the entire 90 day program to help make sure everything is implemented properly. 
  • DISCOVERY: We hold a 60 minute discovery call with designated manager/leader.
  • INTRODUCTION: LPI works with the Manager to message the team, introduces LPI & sends them the first action steps of the program. (Training events available through BTG).
  • ACTION: Individuals complete the MCA, the Pre-Assessment, and are given access to materials to help them better familiarize themselves with the program.
  • DEEP DIVE: LPI has one-on-one conversations with each team member as needed to help identify and clarify their true foundation of motivation. 
  • IDENTIFY: LPI creates a report summarizing each call they have along with suggested actions Manager can implement to help create sustainable motivation.
  • FINDINGS: LP sends reports to manager to review with responses from team members and suggested Motivation Packages.
  • PROCESSING: Manager takes at least 24-48 hours to think of what individuals would need to do or contribute in order to get those Motivation Packages.
  • RECOMMENDATIONS: LP meets with manager to discuss findings & recommendations on what motivates each individual (In-office consult at LPI Daily Rate).
  • REVEAL: Manager presents the Motivation Packages, expectations of individuals, and 90 Days of Motivation plan to team members (LP can offer additional assistance here).

“I love what I do and I love where I work but I was starting to see that it was time to move on.  Once we started implementing what was taught during the Motivation Management Program, I am not only out performing myself, but I can see myself staying with this company forever!”


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