Unbreakable teams

Increase Bandwidth While Minimizing Stress

Stay In Front of The Top Reason For So Many Resignations: “Burnout”

Going Forward with an unending pandemic, work styles are going to be more varied than ever before across your team – some 100% office, some a few days a week some all remote.  Burnout from these times is a big barrier to performance.  

How do you turn that around when everyone is working differently?

“While being in the staffing industry for over a decade, the Unbreakable Workshops (formally known as TYT) is the best system I have experienced that can increase productivity, engagement, and communication among all generations. Managing Boomer, Gen X, or Millennials as well as bridging the Generational Gap are both made simple through following the Unbreakable Workshops.”

— alicia dupree , director of business operations

Studies Showing Our Workshops Bottom Line Impact



Organizations with highly engaged employees had an average 3-year revenue growth 230% greater than companies whose employees were only engaged at an average level.



Highly engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave their company.



Increasing employee engagement investments by 10% can increase profits by $2,400 per employee per year.



Managers account for 70% of variance in employee engagement and productivity

Who We Work With

Unbreakable Workshop: 3 Sessions

Session 1: Foundation

Smartphones, time-wasting website & gossip can cost U.S. companies and estimate $650 billion a year.

The FOUNDATION session is key to successfully implementing any system in your organization. After this program, your team will have a structure to be more intentional in all areas of their life, waste less time, and get more done with the time they have.

Session 2: Power

Companies that focus employee strength development saw increase for 29% profit.

This is our POWER session. Now that they have a foundation and a plan to achieve their goals, attendees can fully develop themselves and access their maximum power. This is where we unlock employees interpersonal strengths and teach them how to leverage these strengths to get more out of the life they have.


Session 3: Glue

60% of employees say that, in a role, the opportunity to do what they do best is "very important" to them.

The final session is the GLUE to the system. At the completion of our Unbreakable Workshops, attendees clearly see their position in your organization as a perfect vehicle to live the life they want to live. At this point, attendees are able to take all that we teach and start seeing that they can live out their purpose by actively contributing to your organization.

4 Statistics All Managers Need to Know


Average employee who works an 8 hour day, stated they are only productive for 2 hours and 53 minutes.


The economic consequence of employees globally being disengaged is approximately $7 Trillion in lost productivity.


Only 14% of employees know their company’s goals, strategy, & direction.


85% of workers globally are not engaged or actively disengaged.

Our Client Result

“I expected increase productivity and profits which we received…but the MOST UNEXPECTED result that has come from this program is my team no longer uses the excuse ‘I Don’t Have Time’.”

— shantel k , ceo imagine india

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