You are dynamic so we get you dynamic solutions.

Although our programing is built off of simple to use systems and programs, when it comes to our approach of working with people, it is as different as each individual. No two clients are the same – so we treat you as so, guaranteeing you can experience the results needed for YOU!

When we discuss the specific needs, we will combine our systems, tools, and solutions to ensure any issues you feel your team is experiencing is address and corrected as well as a making sure that our team does the following:
  • Guide your team – ranging from entry level to executives – to maximize capacity and minimize burnout.  Turning high potential employees to high performing and enable high performers to become sustainable.
  • Assist in exposing performance gaps – some you know already and others we will expose as needed – that are hurting your team both for individuals and the team they are a part of
  • Through self discovery, allows employees to manage weakness and leverage their strengths as well as connect their personal purpose with the companies purpose.
  • Enhance performance and eliminate excuses while employees still experience the highest level of fulfillment at work. 

Knowledge is only Valuable when tied to Result Producing Actions

Here are some stories of those who have experienced our content

Hartsfield/Jackson International Airport: Busiest Airport In The World

- Kofi Smith -
President/CEO of AATC

  • This is a system that takes care of time management issues and increases productivity.
  • Easy to use tools that allows team to easily implement the thing we read in self growth books.
  • Presentation made it very easy to understand the why behind using the systems.
  • The best response from our team we have ever received for any training session…ever.
  • Connecting generational gaps – no matter how old or young you are, this works.
  • This system gives a more fulfilled life and enriched life which lead to company growth.

Corrective Chiropractic: One Of The Fastest Growing Privately Owned Company

- Austin Cohen -
CEO Corrective Chiropractic

  • We like to work on our staff as we work on our customers.
  • We saw a 50% increase directly from LP coming in and our team using what was taught.
  • Instead of talking about how busy they are, our staff was telling us how free they now feel while we grew even more.
  • As we grew I couldn’t track what we were doing. LP was the shift.
  • With LP we are able to grow and when we plateau, we just bring LP back in and we are able to quickly get back to growing.
  • People were still fired up a month, a week, a year out. It wasn’t some “Rah Rah” speech. It actually worked.

“It’s like the [companies name removed] stuff that’s been around forever…but just better. I have seen a lot of programs that are good, but the way Life Pulse focuses on personalizing it for each individual, that is when we see the true results we desire.”

— Woody Johnson: CEO Patriot Fire Protection

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