Being busy doesn’t equal to being productive. There is a difference between being busy and being productive. Being busy means doing a lot of things while being productive means getting the right things done.

You can be busy all day but still behind on accomplishing your goal for the day. Being busy is about working hard and ticking-off to-do lists. Imagine when you are more than halfway to your to-do list but weren’t able to do the most important thing on the list. Therefore we were not productive. You were just busy.

Being productive is seeing the progress in all the tasks that you have ticked off. It’s like moving the ball a few inches closer to the goal every single task done. 

A brief and concise comparison of being busy and being productive by John Spencer.
Being BusyBeing Productive
frantic workFocused work
Short-term prioritiesLong-term priorities
Working harderWorking smarter
Fueled by perfectionismFueled by purpose
Good at everythingGreat at a few things
Multi-tasking and shallow workSingle task and deep work
Always rushedrelaxed

We can’t always avoid being busy. It is important to recognize it and for what it is and move forward with the appropriate action. But when we focus on the things that really matter to us, we are more likely to be productive rather than busy.

Highly productive people always push themselves to be less busy and more productive every single day. Try our LP system and be productive as you want to be.

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