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“Matt presented an essential life skill that has eluded me most of my life. The method is so natural and provides the opportunity for one to organize the chaos in a concise and simple way, then choose how best to execute while remaining in alignment with who I am, what’s important and adjusting the dance of balance.”

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You have choices so who is Matt Granados & why would you want him to Keynote your next event(s)?

“His energy and passion for sharing his material with us were evident.  Matt presents his program in simple, easy-to-follow terms and breaks down the action steps we need to follow to sustain motivation in ourselves and our organizations.  This was our second time having Matt as we had Matt back in November to speak and he was great, really highly rated (9.5). I highly recommend to all, take the time to bring Matt in for his keynotes.“

Mark Utech – EO Learning Chair

Matt Granados has been an entrepreneur since he was a teenager. Through his entrepreneurial journey, he built his first million-dollar business by the age of 24. To develop his businesses, Matt focused on developing his people. While creating a $40 Million dollar sales organization from individuals hired primarily from craigslist, Matt created a way to combine structure and intention which allow his “under-qualified” team to be the most effective, productive, and self-motivated versions of themselves.

This system was discovered by one of the largest financial institutions in the world who asked Matt to share it with their team as they felt it solved their biggest personal problem. They were finding it nearly impossible to connect their corporate desired metrics with their individuals’ desired goals. In their eyes, Life Pulse’s workshops and keynotes do just that.

Although Matt has done this in multiple businesses of his own, it wasn’t until this meeting that he recognized that the systems developed by Life Pulse could be used by individuals in businesses of all sizes. Since Matt created Life Pulse Inc, the team and systems have worked with individuals and small businesses to the likes of Twitter, Google, and the United States Airforce.

Matt has authored two #1 International Bestsellers (Motivate the Unmotivated & The Intentional Week) which has launched Matt to be a sought-after expert on the ways of building sustainable motivation in teams and individuals as well as teaching groups on how to experience intentional growth in all areas of business and life.

Matt is going to be sharing with us a combination of Life Pulse’s most impactful systems and techniques that has shown to increase performance even in times of uncertainty. With the new year coming closer and closer the timing could not be more perfect. There is a lot we need to make up for in 2021 that we lost in 2020. This combination of intention and structure will be what will help you, your family, and your business is on the right track as the new year starts.

When you increase performance while minimizing stress you are able to achieve bigger goals in less time. You will be able to achieve more with what seems like less effort. It is all connected and leads from one to the other.

Because of our combination of traditional research and experiential teaching, the level on engagement stays constant whether in person or virtual

Matt’s keynotes are designed for audiences of all sizes and can be done in 45, 60, and 90 minute talks.

A quick example of a virtual keynote that broke a Guinness Book World Record.

Limited Dates Available – Email to check availability​.

Keynote Sessions

Motivation Management: Achieve the goal no matter the circumstance. 

Content is based on #1 International Best Seller – Motivate the UnmotivatedGet your copy here.

In this session, you will learn how to effectively work with others to get the results you both want. We will break this process down into a simple strategy you can implement today. As a leader, you want to motivate the people who look up to you, but it is difficult to find out what […]

Build Your Intentional Week: the foundation needed to increase performance while minimizing stress.

We all have intentions but few know how to continually re-engage intention in order to achieve the goals that we desire.  We all work hard, but without an intentional week, our lives will drift in whatever way life pulls it. Unfortunately, It is RARELY the way we want it to go […]