The Chronic Problem...

PPG’s are the most overlooked or unknown cause of most teams not achieving their desired goals at the speed they want or to the level they want.  When any PPG is not exposed and addresses, there is a destructive gap between companies and employees that will stop even the “best” teams from hitting their optimal level of success.  Are you properly equipping your team to overcome the PPG’s that are holding you back from optimal performance?

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    The Simple Solution...

    Our Bridging the Gap program take the time to work with clients to overcome the PPG’s (Personnel Performance Gaps) that are plaguing most companies whether they know it or not.  We EXPOSE the multiple gaps that are causing the company from achieving the desired goals, we TRAIN on ways to bridge these gaps, and we COACH employees so that they are properly equipped so that they can do what is needed to bridge their gap.  

    Our 3-Pronged Approach...

    While working with two separate (and very different) clients, we were asked the exact same question. “How do you turn the Titanic?”

    These two clients match our two most common types of clients. 

    Client Adesires growth focused and value their employees but highly effective, cohesive, and thriving team.  

    Client B – desires growth focused and value their employees but highly disorganizes, isolated, and surviving team. 

    Both had big goals, so both had a lot to lose if they did not properly steer the “ship.” 

    Even though they had very different challenges, all of their challenges (like most companies) were tied to getting optimal performance from employees without “crashing the ship.”

    We found our very specific combination of Workshop, Coaching, and Programming ensures your not only your “ship avoiding any icebergs,” but gets to your desired destination faster than expected through what will feel like calm waters.

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      Here results from past clients experiencing our Bridging the Gap program

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      You have transformed our team but what you have really done is helped bridge the gap between personal and professional growth – which makes it easier to get up, head to work, and do better each day with the current resources at my disposal.

      — Alicia Dupree

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