Connecting Intention + Structure

To bring teams beyond "Motivation"

Team development tied directly to a positive R.O.I.

Through our unique style of experiential teaching, both business owners, their managers, and their teams who attend are able to gain increased awareness of the connection between personal intention and work, increased engagement and productivity, improved generational and team-wide communication, and a better ability to thrive through change and growth.

Are you ready to handle what's coming your way?

Change is inevitable. Growth is intentional.

The work-from-home imperative that began in 2020 will have lasting implications for companies juggling both corporate and employee needs. Meeting both corporate financial goals and individual goals can feel like a mismatch of manager expectations and team wants. How does your organization drive growth and profit while giving their teams more freedom, more choices, and more flexibility?

See how we help you overcome the "Great Resignation"

The Workshops, Programing, and Coaching We Customize For Your Companies Needs

Allow your team to increase bandwidth while minimizing stress

We have been told that the key to all employee problems is to hire better.  From what we have found, clients like you do a decent job hiring but the issue is the individual you interview, does not always show up for work. 

In the interview, they are willing to do whatever it takes.  From day 1 to day 30, something happens and that “willing wit” is not longer willing to do much more than the bare minimum.

These workshops help your team discover they are not a busy as they feel they are and that there is more that can be done.  Usually this would stress individuals but with our program, individuals are grateful they can do more because it is not just at work but also in the personal life!

Motivation Management

Connecting your team wants with your organization's needs.

In managing people, you are going to invest in your people and you can either do it properly up front, or you can do it forever.  Either way, you will invest in your people.

Stop burning money trying to motivate your team but getting little results.  

Our program allows your manager to work with their team and find out what each person wants.  Once discovered, we create a plan that allows your employees to see the benefit they receive in their personal life when they complete their job at their optimal ability.  This ensures sustainable results!

Imagine your employees voluntarily raise their own bar!

We have developed the simple way for employees to achieve any goal they want in the next 90 days. This coaching allows any individual at any level in your company to achieve whatever is needed in the next 90 days. 

Not miracle workers however we have found a way to get some results that are unbelievable at first, but once through the process, seen as continuously attainable by your employees.

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You have transformed our team but what you have really done is bridged the gap between personal and professional growth which makes it easier every day to get up, get to work, and do better each day with the current resources at my disposal.

— Alicia Dupree