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Every organization is made up of unique human beings. However, much of the communication and training in the workplace is uniform across the board.  It is unwise to use cut and paste incentives and strategies, and then expect them to fit perfectly for each person on our team.


The reality is, people need two personalized things to sustain growth: an unbreakable foundation and motivation that sticks. But motivation and foundation look different for each person. Our goal is provide a framework that uncovers each of these two things in a way that moves team members to action and is simple to implement for the top level.


Our focus is on transforming businesses by transforming lives first. We help individuals connect their unique purpose to their company’s goals, creating a mutually beneficial and effective relationship. Individuals and teams that take part in our training or use our resources, see drastic improvements in the following categories:


Production – Engagement – Communication – Effectiveness – Adaptability – Loyalty


Whether you are looking for an individual tool to get yourself started or a life-changing program for your entire team, you can find it here with us. We are committed to helping as many people as possible crack the code to living intentionally so individuals and business thrive.


We believe that FREE content should be valuable content. Our goal in this section is to introduce you to our training system that is helping people in every industry be more intentional with their lives. In doing so, they are seeing up to 15X more efficiency in their lives! Interested in getting there too? Start here with our FREE content. Get results. Then come back for more.

We believe in prioritizing over here. So check the ONE resource you most want. Put it to use in your life. Then come back for more.

Matt Granados

President & Founder

Lifelong Student of Intentionality

Matt Granados launched his first successful business at 15 and since then he’s been hooked on building businesses from the ground up and the entrepreneur life. Right out of college, Matt moved to Atlanta to start Pocket Pets – an extremely unique business with over 70,000 customers! Within its first 12 months of operations, Pocket Pets was generating major sales ALL thanks to the implementation of effective systems. While Pocket Pets keeps growing, Matt focuses primarily on his other ventures from team training and coaching to nonprofit development.

Through the “entrepreneurial” process, Matt has discovered that his real purpose is growing people. He has combined his experience as an entrepreneur and passion for people to help organizations invest in their number one asset – their people. Sharing the system that helped him and his team do over $30 Million in sales, Matt helps individuals become more intentional with the time they have, increase their personal productivity, and improve the organization as a whole along the way!

Matt, like many entrepreneurs, spent years searching for a system that could help him “handle” his life but was unable to find anything that really worked. In true entrepreneurial spirit, Matt developed his own system – the LP – that he saw produce major results or himself, his employees, and his family.

One year the “LP system” was really put to the “test”. Within 18 months, Matt got engaged, married, bought a house, renovated the house, trained & competed in an Ironman, adopted a dog, sold a house, purchased a new house, and had his first child. He did all of this while running three businesses, serving on various boards, and staying active in the nonprofit community.
Matt discovered that he didn’t realize he was “doing it all” because he was too busy “enjoying it all”. He attributes 100% of the “success” he’s had in recent years to the putting the LP system to use in his own life. This system is so simple to implement, Matt knew he had to share it with others outside of his own life.

Matt has taught the LP system to thousands of individuals all over the world and to many businesses of all sizes. He feels most alive while he is on stage, in front of a crowd, sharing his own experiences to help others reach their full, unique potential. His goal is to bring intentionality back to life and allow people to reclaim how they spend their days. Matt knows time is the most valuable gift on this planet. He feels that if he can help each person get more done in less time, more people will experience the gift of a life truly lived “on purpose”.

This section is reserved for people who are SERIOUS about getting RESULTS. We promise results if implemented properly, but remember you are your biggest variable. The more you put into these resources the more you get out. Period. If you want it to work, do the work.


Maria Granados

CEO & Founder

Nonprofit Exec.
Professional Encourager

Maria Granados is no stranger to the struggle of living an unbalanced life. Most bios for productivity training programs don’t start out like this do they? We could share her accolades, titles, and successes that have lead to her leadership role with Life Pulse, Inc. as CEO and controller of brand management and strategic decisions but let’s get to the real reason why she’s someone you should pay attention to in this space. The truth is that we grow our strongest from our weaknesses, and Maria’s weakness was balance. In 2010 she tackled a full-time growing career in the nonprofit world while getting her MBA leaving no time for any semblance of a physical, social, or spiritual life. For Maria, the goal was always to grow professionally. Did people even set other goals? This recovering 4.0, honors-chasing, title-loving, perfectionist set herself up to cruise along through life with just one inflated tire.

Then Maria met Matt, and together they found this thing called balance. The strange part was that within just a short year and a half period they planned a wedding, ran a national nonprofit, grew three successful businesses, sold two homes, lost a child, had another child, and experienced the emotional struggle of several family illnesses that had them back and forth between Atlanta and their childhood homes. This is where the LP system got its wings. Matt and Maria managed to achieve all goals set in their professional lives, while having equally enriching spiritual, physical, and social lives…what?! Their businesses even grew beyond what they set out to during this crazy period of life. They knew it was time more people hear about how they too could feel this freedom and achieve the success they’ve been reaching for…and more.

So the question Maria and Matt asked themselves was, “What if we could teach others to gain fulfillment and “success” in all areas of our life—even to the same extent as they do in their businesses?”. They knew for themselves that when they were balanced in other areas, their business soared even more. Everyone deserved this life. The LP system went from something they “did” for themselves to something they now feel responsible for sharing with everyone they meet. We are all meant to be intentional and we all deserve to live life on purpose. It’s their goal to help you, your team, your family, and your organization BRING INTENTIONALITY BACK TO LIFE.


Personal Resources

Our goal is twofold, to bring intentionality back to your life and to help you experience the transformation that comes from living an intentional life. Here you will have access to purchase our “Client Faves” the Official LP – a transformational weekly “planning” tool tool for individuals, couples, families, teams, and organizations – AND LifePlanning for Entrepreneurs – the online course designed to help Entrepreneurs get more of what they want and less of what they don’t!

We have full curriculum and itineraries for personal and team retreats, individual courses, exercises, worksheets, videos, articles, case studies, and much more – COMING SOON.


Team Training

This section is reserved for teams who are committed to growth. We have found that for teams to grow, the individuals on that team need to grow inside and outside of the team. Decaying teams are made up of individuals who feel busy, unbalanced, and unfulfilled. Growing teams are made up of individuals who feel productive, balanced, and fulfilled. Our team training courses have helped organizations reach a healthy level of productivity, balance, and fulfillment in the lives of their employees so that the organization as a whole can continue its upward growth.

Because our training affects the individual in all aspects of his/her life, the principles we teach last long after our workshop has ended. The best part? What we teach is self-implemented by the individuals who experience our live-training. This is one of the RARE trainings that your team will be eager to implement!

Our corporate training program has worked for small startups, Fortune 500 companies, military units, and Nonprofit organizations. Our system is based on truth that cuts across every industry!

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Every team we work with is unique and because of this we want to make sure we provide you with exactly what works for your team. Tell us a little about your team below and we can better serve your team's needs.


Finally, a keynote that not only provides the high-value content you need but also a custom marketing package that helps you sell the event to the right attendees. We believe in extraordinary keynotes that give your audience tangible ways to transform their lives today. Because of this belief, we only organize keynotes for high caliber organizations who believe in building open & authentic audiences.

Our keynotes cover a wide series of topics and can be customized to fit your organization’s needs. Our top requested keynote is “Motivate the Unmotivated: Lose the pitchfork, find the carrot, get results.” Click here to see more topics, learn more, or get your copy of the book now!


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