The Intentional Week: See Your Week Differently. Live Your Life Intentionally.




You’ve had intention. You’ve been intentional. You’ve even experienced small bursts of intentionality. If you are like most people, these experiences are short-lived and lackluster at best. This book will allow you to change the way you look at your weeks and experience sustainable, continuous intentionality each week of your life.

You will likely not change your life in a week, but if you change the weeks in your life, your life will change.

The style of this book is designed to guide you step-by-step and day-by-day to bring intentionality into all areas of your life.

It is a simple solution with powerful results. This book reveals how you will simply combine intention and structure to ensure your desired results. You will be shown how to individualize this program so it works best for you and you get more out of each week than you have experienced in the past.

Living life with intention and no structure, or structure with no intention, is like taking a road trip without a vehicle in the former case, or a route in the latter. This book gives you both the path to travel and the vehicle to get there. All we need you to do is get in the car and enjoy the ride.

Key topics will show you how to get an extra 15 hours of productivity in your week that will have the added benefit of decreasing stress and regrets, which can burden our daily lives:

-Leverage time in a way that only a week allows

-Getting ahead of the competition through small steps

-Capitalizing on Time Buckets, Time Chunks, and Time-Based Goals

-Living the life You Want to Live Eventually, right now today!

-Reverse Planning to ensure you are able to do what you need and what you want through life

-Properly using “choice” to succeed as naturally as waking up each day and jumping into your routine

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