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What Do You Get With An Life Pulse Track?

We understand that the goal of any program is to get the results that you want. The philosophy here we follow is if you give someone a fish, you feed them for a day, if you teach someone how to fish, you feed them for a lifetime. Because of that we are going to teach you exactly what to do.

When you get access to an LP Track, you will get information from a specific Track Master. They will send you customized information for just your needs in the following way:

Custom Weekly Wisdom

Exclusive Interviews

Essential Exercises

Specialized Podcasts

Early Access To New Offers

100% Guaranteed

What is the best track for you?

Life is difficult and time is the one thing we can not get back so we have two ways you can select the track for you. You can see our featured Tracks below or you can pop your information in the form below and we can let you know which one WE feel would work best for you.

Check which part of your life would you like to grow?

LP Fitness Track

How to set yourself up to get the physical goals and the balanced life you have always wanted.

  • No matter what your physical level is, you will learn how to become 77% more likely to achieve every fitness goal.
  • Fit your fitness goals easily into your already busy life.
  • Avoid the most common reasons for failure in your fitness world.
  • Start seeing results EVERY WEEK.
  • Weekly support emails and videos from Coach Shawn.
  • Using a proven system to achieve any goal from getting back into the gym to climbing Everest.
  • See results that you felt only professional athletes could get
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How to build fulfilled teams that get results in your organization, company or corporation.

  • Learn how to create self-managed individuals.
  • Follow a system that helps your team organize their priorities with ease & effectiveness
  • Follow a system that helps your team organize their priorities with ease & effectiveness
  • Decrease unexpected setbacks and employee turnover.
  • Better understand your team in just a few minutes.
  • Grab a tool you can give to your staff to show them that you value them as individuals, not just employees.
  • Bring together generational gaps in the workplace that cause division or confusion.
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