Unbreakable Digital Workshops


Digital solution allowing you to unlock optimal performance both personally & professionally.

At Life Pulse, we understand that time is precious, and personal development should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their schedule or location. That’s why we’re excited to introduce the Unbreakable Workshops – a transformative digital training program designed to empower you to unlock your full potential.

The Unbreakable Workshops are a series of digital training modules that mirror our highly effective in-person programs: Foundation, Power, and Glue. These workshops empower individuals and teams to bridge performance gaps, eliminate excuses, and maximize their capacity.



There is a systematic approach that we have used for thousands of clients over the years to teach them what they need to know, allow them to experience the benefits of what we teach, and then understand how to get it all to become aligned so you start to get done all that you need to get done while your life starts to feel more in order, they start to experience true fulfillment.

Life is tough & we have found that it is very common to feel the burnout feeling of overwhelm that may break some if it is not addressed.

When we follow our three part training, we found attendees start to become completely unbreakable by what the world may throw their way.

Each of the sessions are independently affective however when combined, they allow you to handle nearly everything being thrown at you while you stay the course, stand firm, and continue towards your desired outcome.

It is amazing to be able to feel unbreakable in the very broken world!

The following sessions are what will help you achieve this position of unbreakable.

The FOUNDATION session is key to successfully implementing any system in your personal and professional life. After this program, you will have a structure to be more intentional in all areas of your life, waste less time, and get more done with the time you have.

The POWER session allows you to achieve their goals, you can fully develop yourself and access your maximum power. This is where we unlock your interpersonal strengths and teach you how to properly and effectively leverage these strengths to get more out of the life you have.

The GLUE session exposes how your current position in your organization or life as a perfect vehicle to live the life you want to live.  At this point, you will be properly equipped to take all that we teach and start seeing that you can discover and live out your purpose.


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