The FOUNDATION session is key to successfully implementing any system in your organization. After this program, you will have a structure to be more intentional in all areas of your life, waste less time, and get more done with the limited time you have.

85% of ALL people at work are NOT ENGAGED or ACTIVELY DISENGAGED.

9 out of 10 workers prefer to interact in any other way than meetings because of LACK OF PERSONAL VALUE.

During the session attendees will…

  • Gain an understanding of our customizable 9-part productivity system known as the LP.
  • Walk through the systematic process of gathering thoughts prior to planning.
  • Apply the 9-part process to their own unique roles and situations.
  • Understand how to achieve success in all 4 of the “Vital Signs of Fulfillment”.
  • Practice using a tool that will help them tangibly see what’s important to those around them.
  • Gain an understanding of what is happening in others’ lives with just one word.
  • Walk through the process of how the LP can be used to enhance communication with their teams both inside

After the session attendees will…

  • Gain 2-3 productive hours per day by implementing the LP system.
  • Be able to more quickly strategize how to overcome roadblocks to effectiveness.
  • Narrow down tasks effectively to boost focus and productivity.
  • Feel more intentional each day that they use the LP system.
  • Communicate more effectively with their teams both inside and outside of the work environment.
  • Feel prepared and less overwhelmed for all team meetings and interactions.
  • Uncover issues with tasks & projects before they escalate.
  • Feel less stressed and more capable.


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