The plan itself means nothing as compared to the act of planning which has more value than just your plan going correctly. Plans are nothing; planning is everything is a famous phrase from Dwight E. Eisenhower, a former US President, and an army general.  

In planning, it gives you the ability to think through things. It gives you the ability to be able to be prepared for what else could happen. Planning answers the what, when, how, and why it should be done. It involves setting up objectives and targets and formulating action plans to achieve it. Another key factor is time. Plans are always time-bound because organizing and designing can’t go indefinitely that is why planning is everything. 

Types of Planning

1. Strategic Plans. It begins with the organization’s mission. Top management will design and execute a strategic plan to look ahead to where the organization wants to be in a specified future time period. It will serve as a framework for lower-level organizing.

2. Tactical Plans.
It supports the strategic plan by converting it to specific plans relevant to each department in the organization. It tackles the responsibility and functionality of each individual department to fulfill their parts of the strategic plan.

3. Operational Plans. This focuses on the specific procedures and processes of the organization. It can be single-use or ongoing plans.

4. Contingency Plans.
This is a special kind of planning because this is made when something unexpected happens. It is very helpful in circumstances that call for a change. 

All these types of planning need to be carefully carried out to attain organizational goals. 

Planning involves people, the individuals that comprise your organization. Isn’t it great if you have a productive team with balanced and engaged individuals working in your organization? Life Pulse Inc can help in this transformation. Let’s talk.  Click here for a FREE 1-hour consultation.

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