Multi-tasking versus single-tasking

You cannot multitask; you can only do a partial task. You do a lot of tasks at the same time that you think you are multitasking but the truth is you are rapidly changing from task to another. Multitasking has become the norm. Single-tasking, on the other hand, is the process of focusing on one task at a time and reaping an advantage over multitasking.

Multi-tasking is not possible according to science, we really can’t do things at once. Studies show that it is impossible to focus on more than one task. Multi-tasking is a myth according to researchers. People claim that hey can do lots of things simultaneously but the truth is we switch attention extremely quickly from task to task.

If you are doing two tasks or more simultaneously, I beg you to stop. Instead, focus on one task at a time and you will become more productive and happy. 

Some of the benefits of single-tasking from the power of positivity are:

  • conserves energy
  • Improves productivity
  • Increase commitment
  • Promotes self-discipline
  • Strengthen us against distractions
  • Improves our attention span
  • Makes us happier
  • Improves our communication
  • Improves our relationship
  • Gives us an advantage

In today’s availability of technology, we tend to multi-task but we don’t realize that we ruin our productivity, become more stressed and unfulfilled. Come to think of it, we get more done when we take things slow. Life Pulse Inc. has proven systems that will help you become less stressed, more productive and happier. Kindly check this out.

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