Natural Law of the Indivisible Whole

There’s only one you…

I had an amazing young woman apply for a leadership position with an organization I led. After I received her application, I took the next logical step and checked her social media account. Let’s just say, what I saw on the screen completely contradicted the young woman I thought I knew. Her social media account could have been an easy check off the list, but instead it checked her off my list.

Who we are in one area of life should not contradict who we are in another area of life.

I’m not saying we need to put it “ALL” out there to everyone we meet. But when someone sees us outside of the area of life they “know” us in, who they “see” shouldn’t shock them.  After all, there only is one REAL you.  You can try to maintain different personas, but eventually it will all fall apart!

Don’t live your life in “compartments”.  Be authentic in EVERY area of your life.

Are you trying to maintain an image that isn’t really you? This week, think of areas of your life where you feel you might be portraying someone you really are not.  Take steps to be more authentically “you” in every area.  Not only will you feel more whole, but the people in your life will see someone they can trust.  Trust always leads to better results in business and life.  ok at the areas of

This week, take the time to make sure that what you want is aligned with who you really are. Use the Natural Law of the Indivisible Whole not just to guide your week but to guide your life.  As always, shoot me an email at to share your stories using the Natural Law of the Indivisible Whole.  For more information on Natural Laws, visit

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