The Natural Law of the HERD

What are you getting yourself into?

We sold our first house just under a year ago. For any of you in that same boat, you know the sense of relief and excitement that comes with getting a property off your hands and making a good return.  Even with all of our excitement, we couldn’t help but notice something that really bugged us to the core…

Some people act in ways that hurt in them in the long run to be more like others in the short run.

That’s kind of wordy, but here’s what I mean.  People want to be like others NOW.  So people do things NOW that make them like other people.  Often this short term satisfaction hurts these people long term.  In particular we see this with people purchasing homes. They want to “live like others” or how they perceive others are living because of what they see on instagram, Facebook, etc. So, they find a house that looks like what “most people” are living in…or at least most people they follow online.  To do so though, they may only be able to put 3-5% down on the home…stretching it to make it work and adding future monthly burdens of high mortgage payments, etc.  I’m no housing expert, but this has taught me an important lesson…

We will strain ourselves and our resources to appear like we belong in the “most people” category.

The Natural Law of the Herd eloquently expresses this point: More will do what they perceive most are doing.  As we expressed above, there’s a major issue with this.  Sometimes what most people are doing is NOT what is best for you and your future success.  However, there’s a second underlying issue here.  Sometimes we think “most people” are doing something that most people aren’t doing. But even if “most people” are following one way, ask yourself this question:

What’s best for my current situation & my future success? 

Use the Natural Law of the Herd to guide you this week: More will do what they perceive most are doing.  But ask yourself are most really doing that? And is what most really doing best for me? As always, shoot me an email at to share your stories using the Natural Law of the Herd.  For more information on Natural Laws, visit

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