The Natural Law of the Vacuum

What are you filled with?

I want to keep this message short and simple because – well – it is.  Here’s the deal.  Nature HATES a vacuum – or in easier terms, an empty space.  If something isn’t “filled”, then it’s not long before nature takes it upon herself to fill it up.

Because of Nature, nothing stays “vacant” for long. 

We are subject to nature’s ways too, especially when it comes to our minds.  If we keep our minds empty, it won’t be long before they are filled with something that we didn’t select. We have the power to choose what to expose ourselves to and “fill up” on.  But if we don’t take the intitiative, nature will take do it for us, and the result might not be what we want.

If we don’t fill our minds, something or someone else will fill it for us.

This week, think about how you are choosing to “fill up” your life.  What are you reading? What are you listening to? What are you watching? Who are you spending time with? These are the things that fill you up and the best part is that you get to choose.  Just don’t leave an empty space for something or someone else to fill it up for you.

As always, email me at with your positive experiences implementing this Natural Law! Can’t wait to hear!

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