The Natural Law of RECIPROCITY

Think it through!

I remember in high school physics class learning Newton’s Third Law of Motion. You know, the one that says “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction”? Think of a swimmer using her feet to push off the side of the wall and propel herself forward.  She initially pushes backwards with her feet on the wall, but her body is propeled forward in the opposite direction. There’s an equal and opposite reaction to her initial action of pushing the wall with her feet.

The “laws of science” can apply to our everyday interactions, though, too.

Think about when you receive a FAVOR for free from a friend.  Your friend took the ACTION of GIVING – exerting something in your direction.  What is your REACTION? In most cases, your REACTION would be to GIVE something back to them – gratitude, another gift, praise, etc.  They exerted something in your direction and you reacted by exerting something “equal” (in your mind) in the opposite direction of yourself, right back to them.

Keep in mind: Every action we take will be met by a reaction from another person.

How can you use this to improve productivity in your life? Take time before each ACTION to think about what you want to the RESULT to be.  Will this action produce the REACTION you are seeking from someone else? Do you need to adjust your initial action to get the REACTION you want?

This week, think through your actions BEFORE you take them and get the results you want.

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