Natural Law of Motivation

Everyone’s got their own…

I remember watching my husband, Matt, compete in his first IronMan competition two years ago. Not even 10 months before that, I was begging, Matt, my fiancé at the time to love fitness like I do so we could do it together. Fitness is my thing, but it definitely wasn’t his!

The problem was that I was trying to use my own motivations to get him to act.

It didn’t work though. Fast forward 10 months later to the day of the race and my husband was now training 20 hours a week and completed an insane race that only a elite bunch of athletes do! Me, “the athlete” in our family, had never even done something this intense! 

Matt acted because of his own motivation, not mine.

He needed to find his own motivation to make exercise regular.  My love for fitness didn’t motivate him, but his desire to achieve a goal he set did.  Now, my husband lifts barbells with me without me asking him to.  He joined the gym where I belong and together exercise has become something we enjoy doing.  I never could have motivated him by using what motivated me.  He needed his own motivations.

When you want someone to do something, don’t waste time and energy using your motivations on them. Allow what works for them to move them forward – the key is to help them discover what that is!

Use the Natural Law of Motivation not just to guide your week but to guide your life.  As always, shoot me an email at to share your stories using the Natural Law of Motivation.  For more information on Natural Laws, visit

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