The Natural Law of KNOWLEDGE

Know who’s in the room and what room you’re in!

I was a bit of an “internship queen” as a college student but I was always the least qualified candidate in the final phase of the selection process.  Honestly, many of these internship placements could have picked WAY more qualified candidates than me.  People were always shocked that the girl from the “state school” who wore a lot of leopard print beat them out for something “intellectual”.  See what happened here wasn’t luck…and I wasn’t running any crazy schemes behind the scenes either!

At the age of 15, I was introduced to the Natural Law of Knowledge and it has forever shaped the way I approach going after what I want.  My “magic sauce” was just this: get to know the organization and the people involved in it or in the selection process.  Then during your interviews, let them know what you know.  Be careful not to do this in a creepy-stalker way, but in a natural way that lets them know that you know WHO they are and WHAT they’ve done.


I did my homework.  I got to know people and organizations.  I made it very clear how THIS organization and THESE people would benefit from having me…and how I would benefit from learning from them.  Get specific.


When you express knowledge on a topic, people tend to think you know what the heck you are up to.  No, I wasn’t the smartest on global development, TV production, or state government.  But you bet your bottom that I beat out the competition to get those roles because I showed up with knowledge on PEOPLE…the people in the room.


This week, I challenge you to do the same.  Look at your schedule and see who you’ll be encountering.  Get to know what you can about them.  Then show up with knowledge.  Chances are they will think you know what you are doing, which will likely get you the results you want from that interaction.

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