The Natural Law of ENTROPY

Do you let opportunity slip away?

I work with hundreds of high school and college students every summer through Eagle University – or Eagle U as we call it.  However, many (many, many!) years ago I was the Eagle U student! I remember sitting in a classroom at Pepperdine University as an 18 year-old and hearing about the power of a “close” in any interaction.  What I came to realize was that…

We have a “close” moment in nearly all of our interactions.  What we do in the “close” sets us apart from the competition.

64% of the time at the end of an interaction, each person involved “wraps” up the interaction with no future plans or no next step.  As a young person, this concept struck a chord with me.  If I take the time to always ask for a next step or set a future plan, no relationship is ever really “closed”.

I can maintain relationships if I make one small change: ALWAYS ASK FOR THE NEXT STEP. 

Think about it.  You have lunch or coffee with an amazing new contact who you’d love to keep in your circle.  What do you do at the end of that “date”? End the meeting with a grateful heart and walk away OR let the mentor know how valuable this was to you and ask if you can do it again? If your goal is to get more of what you want ouf of life, then you’ll choose to ASK if you can do it again. Just make sure it’s purposeful and worth the time of both parties.

This week, take time to ASK for the next step. You’ll get better results than 64% of the population…guaranteed!

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