The Natural Law of ENTHUSIASM

Go ahead…get excited!

Okay, you aren’t in “sales”, so this must not apply to you right? Wrong! This applies to everyone and can be used to get results in ANY area of life.  Check this out.  So, no matter what you do…

 You are in the business of “selling” someone on something.

Whether it’s you as an employee, your idea in a meeting, a tangible product, a service, a cause, a relationship, etc., we all have to “sell” someone on something.  What will make you MORE PRODUCTIVE in achieving this “sale” is NOT the “buyer’s” enthusiasm for what you are selling.

What locks in that “sale” effectively and efficiently is YOUR ENTHUSIASM for what you are selling.  

If you can’t get achieve a level of excitement for your pitch, product, or idea…then how do you expect someone else to?  Think about it from a dating perspective.  Imagine I wasn’t enthusiastic about myself, my career, my life.  How can I expect someone else to want to date me?  It’s a much harder sell without the enthusiasm.

You’ll find yourself “closing” the sale on more of your ideas, relationships, etc. than ever before as long as you focus on being enthusiastic about what you have to offer.  

Try it.  I dare you. Use the Natural Law of ENTHUSIASM to guide your week. Are you just as excited about what you are offering someone as you want them to be? The more enthusiasm you have for what you are offering, the more likely someone is to take you up on that offer. As always, shoot me an email at to share your stories using the Natural Law of Enthusiasm.  For more information on Natural Laws, visit

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