The Natural Law of B.L.T

Are you as likable as America’s favorite sandwhich?

It might sound like a silly question, but there’s some serious wisdom to it. Are you as likable as a BLT? Okay, so pretend you are a bacon lover (I assume that’s not hard for most).  When you saw the classic BLT on a menu for the first time, you BELIEVED it tasted good.  I mean it has something you LIKE on it – bacon – so how could you not BELIEVE it to be good? People tend to follow the same pattern as food. If we like somoeone we tend to believe they are “good”.  But it goes even further than that…

In fact, if we “LIKE” someone, we BELIEVE in what they say, what they do, who they are, etc.  

After we come to BELIEVE in the goodness of our BLT – or our new friend, colleague, etc., we start to have experiences with them that inform how we continue to view them.  If the sandwhich is actually good at one place and then another…and then another, we start to TRUST that the BLT is in fact consistently delicious.  This happens in our experiences with people too.  Once we start to BELIEVE in the “goodness” of a new friend, we have experiences with him or her that inform our opinion.  When they consistently act in a way that lines up with what we believe, TRUST is established.

It’s safe to say, that we TRUST the people we BELIEVE.  

This week, if you are looking to build TRUST with people, start with being LIKABLE.  Your likability will grow into belief and eventually, after experiences with you, others will start to TRUST you more and more.  We call this the Natural Law of BLT (Belief, Likability, and Trust) and it states: We believe people we like.  We trust people we believe. It all starts with the liking.

As always, email me at with your positive experiences implementing this Natural Law! Can’t wait to hear!

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