The Natural Law of Authority

Who are you letting lead you?

As a kid, I had to use my imagination a lot.  We didn’t have cell phones, ipads, etc.  I am betting you didn’t either. One of my all-time favorite games “back in the day” was the simple and classic “follow the leader”. The setup is pretty simple: one person is the leader and the rest follow the leader.

If you are designated as “the leader” people follow you, usually without any question. 

As the leader, you can take people pretty much anywhere and they will go along with it.  Up the stairs, down the slide, through the woods.  Sometimes, we follow the leader into places we know we shouldn’t go.  But, hey, someone told us they were the leader so we just go along with it!

We find ourselves playing this childhood game in our daily lives, too.

People are designated as “leaders” or “authority” figures by some other party and we agree to it.  Often times, this is necessary for society to operate.  However, sometimes people are labeled as “gurus” or “authorities” and we aren’t necessarily sure why or how.  We pick up their books, listen to their podcasts, and follow the leader, though, simply because we perceive them to be in authority.

If we aren’t careful with who we designate as a “leader”, we could end up on the wrong path.

The Natural Law of Authority states that people believe more and act more on the direction given them by those they perceive to be in authority.  This week, look at the people you “follow” and ask yourself where their authority comes from.  Is this a person who has had experiences that allows them to lead? Is this a person whose values line up with what you believe? You will believe and act more on the direction of those you perceive to have authority, so take control of that perception.  Understand WHY you are following a certain person before you actually allow them to lead you forward.

We guarantee that you’ll get more of what you want when you follow people who authentically lead.

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