The Natural Law of ATTENTION

Get people’s attention with this one little thing…

Have you ever been engaged in what you thought was an in-depth conversation, only to be faced with a long awkward silence? You pour out what you think is wisdom and insight and the person you are talking to just goes blank when you stop speaking.  You thought you had their attention…what happened?!

Most of the time – we miss the most important part of engaging with someone: ASKING A QUESTION.

While many of us, myself included, ramble on and on in conversation, the few conversational champs out there do one little thing that makes all the difference.  They ask a question! When you pose a question to someone rather than make a statement, their mind starts contemplating an answer.  They are 75% more likely to instantly engage with a response, rather than leave you in awkward silence.

This week, take time to ASK MORE QUESTIONS in conversation to see increased engagement!

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