Natural Law of 3’S

Third time’s a charm…

I am privileged to get to talk to hundreds of parents of high school and collge students every year. My goal is to get those parents to send their student to our youth success program, Eagle University.  In talking with the parents if they seem hesitant about sending their student to us for a week away, I try to discover what their real objection is.

If at first they say they’d like to wait, are unsure, or simply no…I like to ask, “Why?”.

Sometimes it takes three times to get to it, but by the end of the conversation I have an actual answer that tells me more about that parent and/or their student.  The real reason behind their objection helps us find new ways to connect with parents, address concerns, or build a stronger program.  The Natural Law of 3’s reminds us that…

If we keep asking and don’t jump to our own conclusions, we will discover the TRUTH behind a NO.

There’s a wealth of knowledge in that TRUTH that you can use to grow and move forward in your business, personal life, etc. (depending on what you are pitching!).  Try this in your business and personal life this week, address concerns and objections with questions rather than getting defensive or walking away.  What you will learn is more valuable than anything you gain by leaving the conversation at the first sign of objection or rejection.

Use the Natural Law 3’s not just to guide your week but to guide your life.  As always, shoot me an email at to share your stories using the Natural Law of 3’s.  For more information on Natural Laws, visit

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