Successful people tend to focus on the positive side of things no matter what is going on around them. For them, reflection and goal setting goes hand in hand to achieve the success that they want or anything that they desire. They stayed focused on past successes and reflected on the failures. It serves as their guide on the next move that they are going to take to achieve their goals.

We usually have new years’ resolution and the list of things that we want to do or change in order to achieve our goals and be a better version of ourselves. Reflection and goal setting is important in achieving success. Always be positive and focus your attention on the things that you have done so far or the progress that you’ve made may it be 50% or 80% towards your goal. It’s worth investing time in thoughtful reflection before setting goals.

Reviewing is the only way to know what we are doing. Reflect on the actions we have taken and adjust your life one week at a time. Reflect back on what you did last week, if you like the result keep doing it if not change it. 

Here are some ways to start up your weekly reflection:

  1. Plan your day, the night before. The best way to build discipline is to plan your day the night before every day. You will become more productive, creative, organized and it will save you troubles.
  2. Reflect with nature. Go for a hike and experience nature and appreciate the surroundings and reflect.
  3. Reflect your day every night. Do some yoga and meditation and reflect on your day. 

You may want to grab your LP and write down those reflections and set goals. If you do not have one yet. Order now.

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