It’s really in your hands…

We have all heard this time and time again in our lives.  But, are we really getting it? See, sow = “do”.  As we “do” to ourselves, others, this world, etc., we are actually laying the groundwork for what we will eventually produce or “reap” in our lives.

Each day is as important as the next.  A week? Critical! A month? Invaluable.  A year? Priceless.

What we “do” in these time blocks creates our life.  Each time block, from a day to a year, builds our lives.  How are you spending your time? Are you building up the life you want? Or are you creating something that doesn’t fit? Something that might make the whole thing eventually come crumbling down. 

You produce what you lay the groundwork for. Make sure you lay the right groundwork. It’s in your hands.

This week, take the time to make sure that what you have “planned” aligns with the life you want to build. Let us know what results you get…we love emails, especially ones letting us know how much you rocked your week! Send them to Maria@LifePlanner.Guru.

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