What do you desire?

Okay, I am about to spill the secret to my marriage and out myself to my husband so I hope you use this! Here’s the deal.  My husband grew up in a more fast-paced environment than I did.  He’s from the northeast where things move a bit more quickly and you take care of yourself or get left behind (which can teach you a lot of great skills!).  However, I grew up in a midwestern culture and moved to the south as fast as I could. Call me old school, but I am fan of men opening doors, pulling out chairs, and taking coats.  My husband, a gentlemen in his own ways, wasn’t quite used to these gestures.

Rather than complain, I decided to get strategic.

In a positive way, I discussed with him what I was used to but never told him to do it.   However, now that he knew that about me he would occassionally open a car door.  My husband’s love language is words of affirmation.  So anytime I caught him doing something I desired, I layered on the words of affirmation he so deeply desired.  Those positive reinforcements were like a reward to him! 

People tend to repeat things they are rewarded for.

Sure, it didn’t happen all the time at first, but now I can’t recall a time he didn’t open a door for me.  Natural laws, like the Natural Law of Reward, WORK when put to use.  How will you use the Natural Law of Reward to get the results you want today?

Use the Natural Law of Reward not just to guide your week but to guide your life.  As always, shoot me an email at to share your stories using the Natural Law of Reward.  For more information on Natural Laws, visit

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