Get it started.

I see this Natural Law at work every single day.  Once I complete one task in my Brain Dump, I set myself in motion.  Pretty soon, I am scratching off tasks, crushing weekly goals, and on my way to the productive week I set out to have.

The victory and achievement of that first task, sets me in motion and creates “success momentum”.

It takes an outside force to take me off course and lose the momentum.  And to be honest, that happens several weeks out of the year.  However, all it takes is one little victory to set me back in motion and get my success momentum built back up! This week, don’t freak out if an outside force stops your motion, just focus on accomplishing the next task or picking the task you lost back up.  Once that motion is set into play, the momentum will kick back in and you’ll be back on the “succes momentum” train!

If you create “success momentum” in your life, it will be hard to stay in the same place – you WILL grow!

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