The fear of loss is more powerful than the desire for gain.

As I begin preparing for 2018, I start looking for what I want to gain in my life.  I think looking for gain is a pretty healthy way to look at the future, don’t you?  Well, then I think back to previous years and see a harsh reality.  Often times the DESIRE I have for those “gains” isn’t powerful enough to help me actually GAIN what I want.

So, how can I fix this so I get more of what I want in life? 

That’s when I am reminded of the Natural Law of Loss that says the fear of loss is more powerful than the desire for gain. There was no “healthy fear” motivating me.  If I don’t gain what I am going for than the worst thing that can happen to me is I stay comfortable right where I am.  That’s often not enough to move me forward. But, when I look at what I’ll lose if I don’t “do something”, it has the power to disrupt my status quo, my current state.  So I am motivated to move.  If I don’t, I might end up “worse off” than I am now.

Think about what you’ll lose if you stay still, you may be moved to action.

When thinking about your 2017 goals, think about what you’ll “lose” if you don’t achieve them.  Keep that in mind as you pursue those goals daily.  Then you’ll find yourself not resting on your status quo and possibly achieving MORE OF WHAT YOU WANT. If you stay still you don’t necessarily “lose”…but do you win? 

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