You better believe it.

Being “in shape” was a goal of mine for as long as I could remember.  I hate to admit it, but my physical goals were all based around vanity.  A few years ago, these goals stopped inspiring me, though.

My goals weren’t based on what I really craved.

I wanted strength.  I was an athlete at heart but no longer one in practice. I would look at crossfit athletes and people who lift heavy things and WANT it.  I wanted to be able to do that, to lift something I thought I never could.  I imagined more for myself. 

I honestly believed I could get there. I just didn’t yet know how.

I was a girl doing a lot of cardio and bodyweight squats.  Nothing wrong with that it just wasn’t helping me achieve my new goal.  So I decided to seek out professional help in developing a plan to get to those bigger numbers.  Once the plan was conceived, I believed I could actually do it now.  I used my LP to create tasks that would help me achieve my goal.

I prioritized them. I completed them. I achieved the goal.

Yes, this was a physical accomplishment.  However, my mind was the one that really got me there.  My mind conceived the plan and believed in it.  My mind prioritized it. My body just took the action.  Like the Natural Law of Imagination says, “Whatever the mind can CONCEIVE and BELIEVE, it can ACHIEVE”.  So, what will you achieve this week?

Use the Natural Law of Imagination not just to guide your week but to guide your life.  As always, shoot me and email at to share your stories using the Natural Law of Imagination.  For more information on Natural Laws, visit

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