You can get anything you want in life if you help other people get more of what they want.

Of course, I have “favorite” Natural Laws.  This happens to be one of those because of the results I have seen from using it in my own life.  This law reminds us that in nature what we do comes back to serve us in some way later on.  The more and more we help people achieve their goals, the more we will find our goals achieved. Here’s how it’s worked for me.

Each week, I build time into my schedule to “connect” others.  

I don’t know what these others can do for me, or if they even can do anything for me at all. That’s not the point, though.  The point is that I have a wide network of people who could benefit from knowing each other.  I take the time to connect them for no reason other than watching someone else get what they want or need.  What happens, though, is that I tend to be compensated for this in some way down the road.  I will find myself with the connection, advice, money, strategy, relationship, etc. that I need later on to achieve my own goals.  That’s how the law of compensation works.

Spend time helping others and you’ll likely get more of what you want.

We to make sure that what you have “planned” aligns with the life you want to build. Let us know what results you get…we love emails, especially ones letting us know how much you rocked your week! Send them to Maria@LifePlanner.Guru.

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