When two or more are responsible, nothing happens. When many are responsible and one person is accountable, things get done!

When I have a task on my list (my Brain Dump) that needs to be assigned to my young leadership team, I always catch myself just about to make a major mistake.  I want all of them to put effort into getting the task done.  But in the end, the task needs to get done and I need to make sure there’s one person focused on the big picture.  While EACH person I put on the team is responsible for performing the actions needed to get the project done…  

I must assign only ONE person the accountability role.

With too many cooks in the kitchen, the food tastes bad, right? But if someone is chopping, someone else is seasoning, and someone else is actually cooking the meat…well it turns out pretty good…and ends up on my plate quickly! The same logic applies here. It’s much more productive and efficient to have one person keeping an account on the project’s overall completeness while the rest are focused on their little piece of the puzzle.

The others dont’ have the burden of worrying about the big picture and can put their effort into their piece.

When thinking about your upcoming projects, decide how you can apply this Natural Law for maximum productivity.  Who will be accountable for the overall big picture? How can we give each person a small responsibility within that big picture?

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