How to Thrive Through COVID-19 Shutdown

Society has stopped but life’s not waiting.

This is an unprecedented time in history. It seems as if society has come to a screeching halt in a way that no one could have predicted or prepared for. With how dependent we’ve become with our “social” interaction, we can easily be deceived into thinking society and our lives are one, therefore if one stops then so must the other…

This is not to sugarcoat what is happening and what is about to come. We have not even seen the worst of “it” yet. We cannot change anything about this COVID-19 shutdown, but we can capitalize on this time. You, along with everyone else, have two options right now. Waste this time or leverage this time. Below you will see solutions for the latter.

2020 for our family has been quite a challenging year. The expectations of BIG growth for our businesses and our family came to a quick stop with our first of multiple weeklong trips to the hospital for our 3-year-old daughter — Nat G. At the same time, we were informed that she has a rare form of muscular dystrophy due to an even more rare genetic mutation. Because of this condition, if she gets the common cold, she tends to end up in the ICU.

Flu season has already put our lives to a halt and this news of this pandemic has delayed us even more. But the things we share below are things my we (family and business) have learned and leaned on through our troubling times. They have allowed us to thrive through these challenges.

At the beginning of 2020, our family was put to the test. Now still, at the beginning of 2020, the entire world is being put to the test. Through this time, we have run multiple businesses, stay active in our community, keep our health in line, and continue to grow. Here is how…

Our company — — has developed these so you can self-implement our teachings. We have been teaching these to private clients all over the world but due to the current circumstances, we want to offer them to the rest of the world.

These 10 principles have been used by some of the most successful companies and individuals to make sure that no matter what happens in life, no matter what roadblocks you face, and no matter what uncertainty you have, you are still moving in the right direction. Still making the most out of the life you have. No matter how troubling your days are, we needed to remember that time does not wait for us — life does not either.

Again, we have been teaching this stuff well before this virus came into all our lives, so I have attached old videos for each topic for you to connect with. Recognize you do not need to do all 10, the more you can implement the better off you will be. If you can just pick one that speaks to you most, run with that! Then come back and add more as you feel you can handle.

1. Get Structure — Structure brings freedom. We might have thought it was the opposite, but we are all feeling of what life’s like with no structure. We are at home and we can basically have no structure. It is up to us to build our own. Find a system that you like and use it. Get the structure to bring back your freedom. — WW #402 The Value of 7 Day Planning

2. Find Rhythm — Rhythm brings peace. In times like these, with no structure, we get stuck in a drifting mentality. Just because we do not leave the house does not mean we should stop our rhythm. Go to sleep when you normally would wake up as you normally would. Get dressed, shower, have proper hygiene. In times like this finding as much normalcy as you can make life easier to manage. — WW #487 — What You Repeat You Will Receive

3. Accept Without Content — We need to make sure we are realistic with what is happening. We need to accept what is happening, but we do not have to be content with where we are. Being naive in a situation like this is dangerous and pointless. Hope is helpful but false hope in times like these could be deadly. — WW #464 — Your BEST Is Possible!

4. Keep Goals, Change Actions — Just because of this stoppage in society doesn’t mean we need to stop going after our goals. When a crisis like this comes up, we tell each client that we do not need to change the goals, but we do need to change the actions. Think of new ways (remote/digital) to achieve the goals. If the goal is just not possible due to the current situation, focus on positioning yourself to seize the opportunity when it becomes possible. — WW # 496 — An Idea Without Proper Implementation Is A Wasted Thought

5. Stay Moving — Sedentary lifestyles do not help humans grow. In fact, as you might already feel, staying in your house for this time has probably thrown your physical goals for a bit of a whirlwind or completely shut off. Stay moving. Schedule this workout/stretching in your day…even if you are not at work! — WW #465 — Machines Work as Well as They’re Oiled

6. Find Yourself — This is a time where we can reflect on who we are. To do this, make sure you do not just look at what you want to do but reflect on what is in your past that brought meaning to your life. Focus on the past in order to predict your future. — WW #413 — Balance Your Life Now to Live The Life You Want Later

7. Leverage Strengths, Manage Weaknesses — Now is the time to figure out what strengths you have. We have been taught by society to fix our weaknesses, but we suggest you manage your weaknesses. Know they are there and be aware of them but that is all the attention they need. Instead, figure out your strengths and give as much attention and energy as possible to using and leveraging your strengths. — WW #478 — Manage Your Weakness; Leverage Your Strengths

8. Date Your Spouse — We now have time so even though you can’t leave, you can still have a form of date night. Make sure you have at least 1 night a week that you and your spouse intentionally come together to enjoy each other. Depending on how long this goes, once a month, make sure to sit down and have a long, drawn-out meal (even if it is after the kids go to bed) to discuss how each other are doing. — WW #412 — Couples That Plan Together, Stay Together

9. Know Others — this is a time for you to get to know each other and get to know your team. Right now, with work basically not happening for some, there is time to chat and discuss what is happening with each other outside of work. We have 3 questions we like to ask all of our teams we work with to best understand where they are in their life at this moment. — WW #469 — #REALationshipGoals = Helping Partner Achieve Their Goals

10. The Life Pulse R&R — Before we start moving forward, we need to make sure we are understanding what is happening. The best way to get the proper direction to move forward is to do the Life Pulse R&R which stands for Review and Refine. Take some time to reflect on the things you have been doing. Once you’ve reflected now you can refine your steps moving forward. If they are working, do more. If they are not working, do less. — WW# 471 To Overcome The Bad, Replace It With The Good

Now you can implement all of these right away or you can access the resources we put up on the page. If you want, we can create a custom plan at no charge for anyone needing it. Please contact us through our website and we can customize it for you as well. —

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