How does someone motivate the unmotivated person in their life? More often than not we are in this situation whether it is someone else or ourselves. We have tried a couple of things to motivate them but it’s just not working. So, we keep on asking ourselves how do we really motivate the unmotivated.

We can motivate them by giving them what they truly want. Each one of us has a unique personality and different wants. Therefore, we also have different ways to be motivated. Some people want to travel and explore the world, while others want acknowledgment and being recognized. Some also wanted some support and connections. Different people want different ways to motivate.

It is crucial to know what the person truly wants in order to motivate them to do the things that they ought to do. What if the person doesn’t know what he truly wants. It is where asking the right questions takes into play and would help us know the person and how to motivate them.

The Motivational Catalyst

These are the four motivational catalysts that you need to know and understand in order to motivate the unmotivated

  1. Freedom. These are the people who desire to be out in the world exploring. Vacation motivates them.
  2. Acknowledgment – These are individuals that thirst for recognition. They desire to be publicly acknowledged as excellent. A simple great job remark will ignite their morale.
  3. Support. They are the loyal ones. They are very fair but expect that the effort they put in will be matched.
  4. Connectivity. These are great team players and collaborators. They are the life of the team.

The key to motivating the unmotivated is knowing and understanding these motivational catalysts. Grab a copy of this breakthrough book and discover the system for sustainable motivation. 

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