Get anything you want out of life. This is the Eagle University’s aim in its summer youth success program. This is a unique program for teenagers and young adults ages 15 to 24 to gain competitive insights and how to get a 7-year head start on their career.

You can see the awesome change in the students, not just the physical way they look and act but the way they’re holding themselves. You can really tell that the change inside, commented by Maria Grasso, the Executive Director.

Some notable remarks from the students were:

“Coaches help me get out of my shell and be comfortable with others.”

“Coming into Eagle U, I realized because I was doing what everyone else is doing, why I got everyone else is getting.”

“I want to become successful and I’m willing to do whatever it takes to get to that point”

“We learn about study habits, understanding personalities, goal-setting, and how to achieve our goals. “

“My favorite quote is that I am a 10. The more that you believe that you are awesome, the more that you actually, be awesome. 

Over the last 25 years, Eagle University developed through the experience all the curriculum that they teach the students. These are all based on factual experience with evidence and results that prove that what they teach actually works. Part of the curriculum is going out and finding good mentors modeling them with care and not just following the crowd. 

These successful mentors were once a part of the Eagle University and now they are giving back to the university. They want the students to realize that if the mentors did it, they can do it. 

Eagle University is built on authenticity and it is important to see results from students a few years later. That these young ones are doing what they want to do and making them proud. 

Here’s some advice from past students.

“Do something productive, do something that is beneficial to your future.”

‘’ Eagle U is a nest full of teens waiting to get out in the real world “

Eagle University is about getting ahead and finding the vision for you and get anything you want out of life.

Help these young adults to realize their visions and become the better version of adults that they can be. Sponsor a student. Now!

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