Keep meeting with yourself as you would with anyone else. Find time for yourself and do something that you enjoy. Give yourself a break. Include activities in your to-do lists that entails meeting with yourself and make sure to keep it. It is very important to insist on time alone. 

How to schedule a time for yourself?

  1. Evenings with yourself. Save some weeknights for your alone time. Use the time doing a hobby, enjoying the scenery, exercise, meditation, or the ultimate luxury of doing nothing.
  2. Monthly Treat.  Once a month schedule to treat yourself. Get a spa treatment, explore a new place, go to a favorite restaurant, indulge in something that you desire, and enjoy.
  3. Buy Tickets in Advance. Watch those concerts, theater shows, movies, or any event that you wanted, buying the ticket in advance is making it happen.  
  4. Leave Work on Time. Schedule at least a day in a week that you have to leave work on time and enjoy that spare time.
  5. Exercise. Start with walking at least 20 minutes and build on that success daily.

Develop a habit of making time for yourself and it will benefit you in the long run. Sometimes, our creativity is sharpened in those alone times. Try arriving a few minutes early for appointments and have that time alone. Breath deeply, be still and check-in with yourself.

Plot those plans in your LP planner, now. If you do not have one yet. Grab now and start living an intentional life.

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