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Grab the plan that will TRANSFORM your productivity in just one short week! In fact, we made it in a quarterly edition so that you could you see how much can get done in only 3 months.  We guarantee that you’ll experience increased productivity if you use this entire planner – in fact, we will even refund your purchase completely if you don’t.  Just return it to us with every page filled out and we’ll send you your money back.  A planner with a guarantee? I don’t know what you’re waiting for!

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Best Planner for Productivity – the LP

Our weekly productivity planner – the LP – gives you a system that will transform your life in just 90 days or less.  This transformational tool consists of 12 “weekly spreads” that guarantee you a more purposeful 90 days than ever before by helping you identify and achieve the goals you want in all areas of your life. We set you up for success by giving you a system that allows you to knock out more in a quarter than you may have planned to all year. We guarantee that you’ll experience increased productivity if you use this entire planner for 90 days – in fact, we will even refund your purchase if you don’t. Just return it to us with every page filled out and we’ll send you your money back. A planner with a guarantee? I don’t know what you’re waiting for!

We are advocates for helping everyone from Fortune 500 companies to athletes avoid the “goal set and forget” trap that many fall into each year.  Our system is DESIGNED to help you take action on your yearly goals each week.  In fact, you’ll have an opportunity to review your progress at the end of the week and set new goals for the coming week if you ever fall off track (hey, it happens!).  We are one of the only planning systems that treats all areas of your life, as equally important.  Try our planner today and find out why LP users are feeling fulfilled & energized even though they are doing more than ever before!

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6 reviews for Official LP

  1. Shantel Khleif

    Absolutely love the LP! The team has been so much more productive with the use of this system. Can not imagine my week without it!

  2. Elaine

    Having a large family and working full time, there is a lot to plan! Simply from an organizational standpoint, the “Brain Dump” has changed my life. Prioritizing the importance of each task that has to get done has allowed my mind to be open to concentrate on my task at hand. No longer do I have to worry about “what else” has to be done because it is written down all in one place and ready to tackle when I have planned on getting to it. I find it actually “freeing” to only have to deal with one thing at a time.

  3. Mackenzie Payton

    The LP is a great system! I work from home as a remote employee, and it really helps me prioritize my tasks, as well as organize my week! I also like the budget feature – a gentle reminder to stay on track and keep myself in line each month. Overall, a great system!

  4. Samaira Dumpson

    LP has been a game changer for the last year. As a working professional who is consistently on the go, and at times seem to be “overbooked”, LP has provided the tools that allow me to stay on track with goals, events, and more importantly, my self. My favorite feature is the “brain dump” – your to-do list that simplifies all the weekly tasks at hand. Taking the time to plan my week each Sunday has become a ritual that I enjoy. The idea of writing down things in a digital world initially seemed liked a waste of time; however, the feeling of seeing and writing down goals, accomplishing them and then checking them off is rewarding. LP is a great organization system for anyone!

  5. Taylor Schettler

    The LP is truly a game changer, it is absolutely incredible!!! Before using the LP, I would get so flustered and overwhelmed with everything I had to get done that it would paralyze me becasue I wouldn’t know where to start. The LP has enabled me to not just see all that I need to do, but break it down and actually map out how and when to tackle everything. It has taken my days from unorganized chaos to structured daily achievements. It’s amazing how much more I’m getting out of each and every day thanks to this system. Also, the one word focus is such a great tool! I would recommend this sytem to everyone I know!

  6. Chris Chambers

    This thing is GOLD for college students. 2 jobs, 6 classes, exercise, church, etc. all balanced in my LP stress free. I get 10x more done than most students without sacrificing sleep or a social life.

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