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Matt Granados has plenty of stories that will “motivate” you, but he always likes to make it very clear: “I am not here to be a motivational speaker. I am here to speak on motivating… and there is a difference!” Over the last decade, he has tested and developed an effective and easy to duplicate system that will help you motivate anyone in your life.

As an entrepreneur, Matt first thought he liked the freedom and money that owning his business offered him but as time went on he realized that was not as important as he originally thought. Before his 30th birthday, Matt grew his “under-qualified” sales team to generate over $30M in revenue and that company is still growing to this day. Through that journey, Matt realized his REAL passion was growing people.

After a decade of studying his employees, he found there was a simple formula to “motivate the unmotivated”. Matt continues to use this formula to build his team up as they grow an international, multi-million dollar sales organization together.

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All of the organizations that we work with have different needs. We know that one talk does not “fit all”. Because of that, we have offered a few different, highly-rated options that we align with your needs. We also offer a custom keynote that is a hybrid of our various options, tied directly to your organization’s needs. Our job is to provide your attendees with high energy, transformational content that they can “do now” that fits within your organization’s framework and culture.

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All Life Pulse keynotes are designed to be an interactive journey with each member of the audience to create a complete plan customized to their life that they can implement immediately. The attendees will also get time to work amongst themselves and each other on how they can use the principles taught to drive the results they want.

We design each keynote like this because we take your investment in your team seriously. We have put years of research and experience into each keynote we offer, and want to make sure your team gets the maximum value out of each. Our goal is for each attendee to walk away with two things:

  • ENJOYMENT – energy that engages audiences
  • ACTIONABLE CONTENT – principles that transform lives

Motivate the Unmotivated

Correcting the Synapse That Kills Motivation

  • Motivation Synapse – Understanding what causes people to be unmotivated or motivated.
  • Motivation Wall – Recognizing what is stopping you from motivating the people in your life
  • Motivation Catalysts – 5 catalysts of motivation that all people fall into. When found, and used properly, you will be able to motivate any individual
  • Motivation Packages – The key to motivating members of your team to take ownership of the goal and do what it takes to achieve to goal.
  • Motivation All-Star Make Up – Through research of over 100 of the most impactful motivators in history, there are specific traits that each motivator had in common which will be shared with the audience.
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What You Will Learn…

Can you think of someone in your life that you have trouble motivating? Most of us can think of one person and for some of us, it’s ourselves. This person is usually someone we care about and someone we have invested a lot of energy in. But for some reason, when we try to motivate them it feels like we are just spinning our tires.

In this session, you will learn how to effectively work with others to get the results you both want. We will break this process down into a simple strategy you can implement today. As a leader, you want to motivate the people who look up to you, but it is difficult to find out what motivates them most of the time. Our simple and effective plan that will help you find the BEST and most SUSTAINABLE way to motivate those around you.

Who Should Attend This Session…

This session is for the MOTIVATOR who wants to help others achieve success. This is not for someone trying to manipulate others to do what they want. We have found that the biggest take-away from the system and technique taught in this session is that this system can help ANYONE. This is for you if you want to motivate a/an…

  • Employee
  • Child
  • Manager
  • Customer
  • Sibling
  • Boss
  • Spouse
  • Team
  • Friend
  • Pet(Seriously, it works)
  • Parent

The system shared in this session is simple and effective. We give you a quick system for Motivate the Unmotivated in your life that actually works and leaves the target of your motivation with a sustainable source of energy to move them forward.

Wow, I thought I had tried everything to motivate a team member of mine and it wasn’t until I learned the Motivate the Unmotivated process and started just following the simple system. Now this “average” producer did a full 180 and has become one of our top producers. Turns out, I was using the wrong carrot.

-Brad S.
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What This Session Is All About…

The session is set up in order for you to immediately take the system taught and implement it right away. We know what matters to you in a presentation because it matters to us too when we are the audience. We will show you what you need to do, use slight humor to keep you interested and leave you with the tools you need to immediately apply what you learned. Our keynote is broken up into a 4-part successful formula to motivate the person you want to motivate and make it easy to implement!

“This is such a great program to use to plan your week, month, quarter, and life really. I am always running around with my head cut off and this program has helped me tremendously to get my thoughts out and help plan my week ahead so I am not forgetting things and getting stuff done! I would highly recommend him!” – M. Davis

Building Your Unbreakable Foundation

 Thriving through growth, change, and any disruptor that may slow down your success

  • Purpose Driven Productivity– Teaching exactly how to connect every task they are doing
  • 15x Productivity– Gain 15 Hours a week to do whatever it is you want
  • Reverse Planning – a structure that allows you to get done all you need while ensuring you get to do all you want!
  • Plan Tomorrow Today – access the structure that ensures success relieves stress each day the night before.
  • Ultimate Execution– lessons learned by the Navy SEALs on how to best manage your priorities and maximize output for each 24-hour day.
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What You Will Learn…

“Time Management” which became popular in the late 1950’s, is a misconception. Time is essentially “perfect” and predictable if you think about it. But the problem is, that you cannot manage time. Because of its nature, it happens with or without your management.

But you can manage what you do with the time that you are given. To help you make the most of it, we have developed a 9-part system we call the “LP” that allows you to organize tasks in an effective and efficient way while still living a balanced and fulfilled life. The one thing everyone wants MORE of is time…time with family, time with friends, time for themselves. Because of that, we will walk you through the exact steps needed to transform your time so you can do more of what you want NOW, and have fewer regrets later.

Who Should Attend This Session….

This session is for anyone who would like their life to be less overwhelming and full of more enjoyment OR someone who simply considers themselves “too busy”. We are pretty sure that covers everyone! We are all given the same 24 hours in a day. The difference is how we choose to spend that time. This session is beneficial for all of the following people:

  • Employee
  • Employer
  • Manager
  • Executive
  • Hobbyist
  • Traveler
  • Spouse
  • Team
  • Parent
  • Student
  • Athletes

The system shared in this session is simple and impactful. After this session you will be able to quickly and responsibly make your day, week, and month more centered around what you want to do, rather than what the world is pulling you to do.

I always have ideas come to me but had no organization to keeping track of these ideas. Matt laid out a strategy to help organize my life, and since listening to him speak I have hired him for my staff and trained all of them on the LP System.

– Dr. A. Cohen
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What’s the Session All About…

This session will get people not just to think different but act differently when it comes to planning their days, weeks, months, and year. No longer will the excuse “I don’t have enough time” be useful or truthful for our audience. Our mission with this discussion is for audience members to take ownership and pride in how they spend their time and what they accomplish.

Our human nature tells us to blame external factors when we don’t get what we want, but the key factor to not getting what we want starts internally with our own balance. We want to help people live with few regrets and more ownership in their schedule. The system we teach here will help anyone, at any level, at any point in their life do just that!

“I expected increased productivity and profits which we received…but the MOST UNEXPECTED result that has come from this program is my team no longer uses the excuse ‘I Don’t Have Time’ in any area of their lives.” – Shantel K

What You Will Learn…

Regardless of how we got to where we are, as managers of people, we are well aware of WHAT we should do but often unaware of HOW we should do it. Honestly, there is little EFFECTIVE information out there on how to manage others in a way that benefits the individual and the organization.

As a manager, your job is to help your team get a specific result, right? But how do you get unique, independent individuals all on the same page? In this session, we will show you how to build individuals who are independently successful and collectively effective. This session is similar to Transform Your Time, but we dive deep into how you, as a manager, can then use this system to be more productive on your priorities and create a team that is committed to doing the same.

Who Should Attend This Session…

This session is for someone who manages people in any capacity and would like to see their team grow both individually and collectively. You’ll find that this session obviously applies to your role in the workplace, but don’t limit it’s use to just there. You can apply these strategies to your role in your family and community, too. The best part about this program is it works REALLY well in all parts of your life. We mean it. This session is for you if you would like your team to…

  • Get “on the same page” – LITERALLY…
  • Create a culture of productivity in the workplace…
  • Figure out what direction they should be aiming…
  • Speak a language of productivity everyone understands…
  • Understand exactly what motivates them…
  • Write an action plan to achieve their yearly goals…
  • Avoid what they don’t want and get more of what they do want…
  • Take control of any drama brought into the workplace…

The system shared in this session is simple and you can see its impact in the comment below. The power of this session is the techniques we teach you so you can quickly make your day, week, and month more centered around what you want to do vs what the world is pulling you to do. You will be able to get your responsibilities accomplished while enjoying more of what life has to offer.

Finally an event that gave us what we needed.  A system for planning that pushes you towards success.

David A.

This session is a small part of our Transform Your Team program (email us for more information, this is limited to 10 companies a year). In the TYT program we come in for a full year and work directly with teams to help them get the best results for their industry. Unproductive teams stem from unbalanced individuals. See this video to the side to see how the TYT program has helped so many organizations become more balanced and how this small part of our TYT program – Life Planning for Organizations – can help you too. If you are interested in the TYT program, please click here.

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What This Session Is All About…

The most common problem employers face is that they can’t seem to get their team on the same page. Every employee has both a personal and professional dimension to their life that causes him/her to prioritize life differently than others. As a result… productivity in the workplace isn’t what it could be. Our goal is to give YOUR TEAM the tools to boost productivity by 33% for themselves and your organization. In this session, we provide the tools you need to get your team on the same page and boost productivity to the levels you’ve been reaching for.

Inc. Magazine did an article uncovering that in an 8-hour day, the average worker is productive for a fraction of the time. In fact they’re productive for an embarrassing 2 hours and 58 minutes each day. That means your average employee is only working 37% of the time you are paying them for!

This is one of the largest issues in most teams and the problem is everyone reacts the same way… “Really?”. Schedule a time to book a phone call and we can discuss this further and give you some tips, FOR FREE. It’s too big of an issue for us to let go –

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